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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Verbi, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Verbi

    Verbi Network Guru Member

    Hi everybody,

    has anyone some expirience with two offices connected together over VPN using two RV042.

    I mean if i have office network with working gateway etc. then i put there RV042 and connect over VPN to other network with same networking and also with RV042.

    I have met some problems with RV042 and quickVPN so i would like to know if somebody here has this configuration working or if someone has some expirience with that.

  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Here's a couple of links from another post to show you how to do an "office to office" vpn connection; even though it's for the wrv54g, it's not that much different for the RV042's:



    Also, check out the quickvpn setup sticky at the top of this forum page. The information applies to the RV0XX's Series routers also, minus one or two options in the web interface.

  3. zachaller

    zachaller Network Guru Member

    I have done it with and besfr and it worked good so i am shure it should work with two rv042's but i have also gotten quickVPN to work just make shure you have the newest firmware.
  4. Verbi

    Verbi Network Guru Member


    well im just interested in RV042 <=> RV042 because i have tried many days the quickVPN and i have figured out that if you are behind some gateway (in subnet) then the quickVPN does not work at all (stops on verifying network ... and hangs). So in this way is linksys useless for me.
    We have at the office 3COM VPN and it work perfectly.

    But i bought it so i must use somehow and thats the main thing i need to be sure. :)

    zachaler: can u also send me to PM or email screenshots from your config of each ruter ? And did u met any problems ?

    I will use the latest FW on both so i hope it will work :)
  5. zachaller

    zachaller Network Guru Member

    Here is pics of RV042 i will try to get the other router soon its my friends router and i need him to change the login password to get them.

    Also have not had any troubles so far been up for atleast 3 weeks however its not the most used VPN but it works when needed.


    Its not the most secure could have used 3DES and higher group and what not but it works I just wanted performance not security if anyone knows if 3DES and higher encryption has much a performance hit tell me
  6. zachaller

    zachaller Network Guru Member

  7. Kompressor

    Kompressor Network Guru Member

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