RV042 site to site VPN trouble.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by azangr, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Hello .

    I recently bought 2 RV042 V3 to create a site to site VPN between two static IP addresses (and on the same ISP) but the prtoblem is I cannot get any service (ping telnet rdp) from any side appart a basic health check ping on the routers themselves.

    I followed both ciscos and Linksys' guidelines to the letter and created the VPN tunnel which connects fine and instantly. And applied the latest firmware. RV's are working in gateway mode having one baudtec tw263r4-a2 (PSTN) in bridge mode and the same brand modem as ISDN modem also in bridge mode using PPPoE ADSL lines (RV dont have RJ11 jacks :/)

    My (classical?) problem is that although SBS routers trust the VPN tunnel as default , there is no traffic passing through them. I can only ping the endpoints from the remote clients, but not the corresponding remote clients themselves, ie I can ping RV @ from the PC at the other end ( but not the other PC @ 192.168.03. And vice versa. I m pasting the only stuff I changed on the RV's.

    Header 1
    Serial Number : xxxxxxxxx Firmware Version : v4.0.3.03-tm (May 12 2011 21:27:37)
    PID VID : RV042 V03 Firmware MD5 Checksum : 4b463bf0972adadf188a702596a1fcb8
    Working Mode : Gateway

    VPN Table

    Header 1

    No. Name Status Phase2 Enc/Auth/Grp Local Group Remote Group Remote
    1 vpn1 Connected DES/MD5/1 Gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (static INternet IP)
    Tunnel Test

    The corresponding settingsare present on the other end.

    The connection is really stable but it is of no use to me if I cannot pass any traffic whatsoever.

    I also played about with the firewall rules allowing the local subnets on the LAN and WAN1 interface to pass all traffic but no joy again.

    I am at a point of thinkg of dumping them for something more simplistic (zyxel 661h) but I really dont want to , as I am sure I m doing something seriously wrong . I m affraid I dont have experience with Cisco routers so I am lost.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated .

    PS. PPTP server works marvelously! If that s a hint to an expert.

    Thx again!

    Best regards.

  2. azangr

    azangr Networkin' Nut Member

    Bump? Anyone?
    Pls tell me I havent clicked a tick box so I feel silly ;)
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