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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Graylane, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Graylane

    Graylane Guest


    I am not a particularly inept network user But, I have been trying to resolve an ongoing problem with my rv042 for months!

    the down speed (only down) slows incredibly through the router with a Roadrunner Cable connection ( I say this, because I did not have this problem with Comcast)

    Connected direct to the modem my speeds are fine (PC to Modem). but through the rv042 they slow to a crawl.

    I have exchanged the router for a new one. I have reset all the settings, I have tried the MTU fixes, I have udated the firmware

    Can ANYONE tell me what the hell is the problem before I loose a gasket!
  2. skorell

    skorell Network Guru Member

    I have similar problems with mine. I recently upgraded to the 9/1 premier service from Cox and this router seems to cap out at around 4Mb/s. My WRT54GS allows me to pull my full 9Mb down. I ended up hooking up my WRT54GS. I tried Linksys tech support, but all they could end up saying was to RMA my RV042. I don't think this will help, as it appears to be a firmware or maybe a compatibility issue with my cable modem (SB5100).

    What type of cable modem do you have?
    What is the firmware revision on your cable modem?

    I have seen other posts on this issue and there does not seem to be a fix at this time.

    If you find anything out keep me posted.

  3. FunFunFun

    FunFunFun Network Guru Member

    Turn off logging, email, SPI, and whatever you don't need. Connect RV042 (and everything you have) to a core switch and use the RV042 as a router only. I think RV042 can handle up to 10M.
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