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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by argy, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. argy

    argy LI Guru Member


    I've searched the site but can't find a solution, hopefully someone on this forum will be able to help...

    First issue
    RV042 is located in a hotel with a hotel gateway device on the LAN side and two ADSL connections (using netgear DG834's on the WAN side. I've configured the routers and the RV042 to forward port 22 (SSH) to the gateway but every attempt (using putty) has falied to get a connection.

    Second issue
    When in the hotel, guests that want to use logmein to get remote access to a PC / server can't maintain a connection because logmein closes the connection when it sees packets coming infrom different (wan1 and wan2) IP addresses.

    Anyone know of a way around either of these issues.

    FYI, I've tried changing the RV042 from dual wan to failover mode and this seems to make no difference (as far as issue one is concerned)

    Thanks in anticipation
  2. chobott

    chobott Network Guru Member

    Second problem

    I have same problem with LogMein

    I set this:

    We going to LogMein from 3computers
    at first i set on the router static local IP adress for this 3computers (for example,31,32) in DHCP section

    second i set (in section DualWAN) ALL Traffic from this 3PC going through WAN1 or WAN2 no through DualWAN because LogMein check IP adress, same problem iam was with some Bank


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  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    my guess is you need to bind the ip protocol that Logmein and SSH uses to a specific WAN port. Banks use HTTPS which need one IP address so load balancing does not break this feature. bind HTTPS to one WAN Port as well.
  4. argy

    argy LI Guru Member

    Hi Chobott,

    Thanks for your reply. In my case I don't know which hotel guest will need to use logmein, for the same reason I don't know the remote address for the computer.


    Do you mean that I can create some static IP addresses on the hotel LAN side and tie these to a WAN port, then if a hotel guest needs to use logmein then they can use one of these addresses?

    Your clarification would be appreciated.
  5. argy

    argy LI Guru Member

    Hi Toxic,

    I've tried a couple of things to address the ssh issue (but not port binding until just now). I've tried turning off load balancing (i.e. selecting smart link backup), even this didn't work. BTW, this ssh tunelling is working on other hotel systems which don't use the RV042.

    I've now set up port 22 (ssh) to use WAN1 but I'm still not getting through. FYI, my setup is as follows...

    Router1 (Netgear DG834) is set to forward port 22 to (WAN1 on RV042)
    Router2 (also Netgear DG834) is set to forward port 22 to (WAN2 on RV042)

    The RV042 is set to forward port 22 to (The hotel gateway device). It is this device to which I want to build an SSH tunnel.

    When I set up protocol binding I initiaaly left the source and destination IP addresses as default ( I then tried setting the destination IP address to the static IP address at my office.

    In each case I got the following error message from putty "server unexpectedly closed the connection"

    I wonder if I'm seeing the same issue as reported here ?


    Otherwise any suggestions?

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