RV042 stops accepting inbound HTTPS traffic after 2 hours

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by rapidsol, Mar 6, 2008.

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    We have our RV042 configured as a gateway to our two DSL lines, currently configured in failover mode. I forget the firmware that it came with, but it's currently running Firmware version : 1.3.9 (Apr 24 2007 13:03:25)
    (as a side note, why do all the documents state that the date should be 10/11/2007?)

    Problem Description:

    An internal HTTPS server (SSLExplorer) is exposed to the outside world by configuring both DSL modems to port-forward 443 to the RV042, and the RV042 in turn to port-forward to the internal server. Historically this has worked quite well, until lately.

    Lately we'll have users connect to the server and use it for 2-4 hours (it varies), and then they'll be disconnected. When they try and re-connect, the RV042 records a log entry that they've connected, their web browsers show they've opened the connection, but it just sits there not transmitting data until the connection finally times out.

    I finally narrowed it down to the firewall in the RV042 (we have no other firewalls). If I turn of the firewall, the SSL connections work perfectly. If I turn it back on, it returns to frustration mode.

    Previously (after changes mentioned below, before the writing of this message), rebooting the RV042 would give us another 2-4 hours of time. That's no longer the case.

    As soon as I get a maintenance time window, I'm planning on resetting to factory defaults and manually re-entering the data parameters to try and ensure a "fresh start."

    Any other ideas from those reading this?

    Addendum - What's changed recently?

    In the recent past I finally got around to putting in some Access Rules - block MSN traffic, etc - as well as some domain name filtering under Content Filter. That caused the system to slow down markedly, and they were removed.

    After removing the rules (by rolling back to a settings file from prior to any of said changes), the unit sped back up for accessing the internet at large. But, now we have this issue with our internal HTTPS server.
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