RV042 to Pix Routing problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mlopilato, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. mlopilato

    mlopilato Networkin' Nut Member

    I've been assigned through, with a gateway of
                              ISP GW
                            WAN port
                                    Lan Port 1 
                 |                                              |
          Wan                                         Wan
        GW                                              GW
         Pix Dev Lan1                                           Pix Live Lan 2
          Lan                                         Lan
        subnet                             subnet
                  |                                    ____________|____________
              PC 1                                     |                        |
                              Web Server                 DNS Server
          gw                      sn          sn
                                              gw               gw 
    This works great                     This server can be       Can access the internet but
    Internet access and           accessed from everywhere     CANNOT BE ACCESSED From the Internet
    Access to                                                                      
    I added an Advanced Route in the RV042 as follows:
    Destination IP              Subnet                 Gateway         Hops                1                1 
    I tried an adv route of:                1       Can access .81, but not .82 from the internet
    I tried an adv route of:             1            1    Can Access .81, but not .82 from the internet
    My problem right now is that I cannot access the .82 server from the internet.
    I can access .81 from the internet.
    I also added a One-to-One Nat:
    Priv Range Begin           Public Range Begin         Range Length                        11.11.11..81                7
    This seems to have allowed the ability to access .81 address from the web, but not .82
    Also removing the Static Routes in the previous post has no effect.
    I can ping both .81 and .82 from the RV042's Diagnostic/Ping function.

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  2. number9

    number9 Guest

    Because you are able to successfully traverse from PC1 thru PIX#1 to RV042 then to PIX#2 and then the DNS server--sounds to me like you have everything correct from routing perspective.

    There are a couple of things I would try: If you flip-flop IP addresses between your Web Server and your DNS server does the problem follow the IP or the device? If the problem follows the device (meaning you can now access web server with .82 but no access to DNS server with .81 from the internet) then I would look at settings on the DNS server itself (firewall rules/access-list/filter-lists). If the problem follows the IP address, I would make sure your ISP is allowing you to have the .82 address. To test this, I would bypass all the equipment, hook up a PC set IP to x.x.x.82 / / gw x.x.x.1 and see if you can get to the Internet. If you can't might be the ISP advertising you with a x.x.x.80/31 and not x.x.x.80/29.
  3. mlopilato

    mlopilato Networkin' Nut Member

    When I flip-flop the addresses it DOES follow the IP(still can ping .81 and NOT ping .82).
    I do have access to all addresses from the internet when I hook up a different Pix.
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