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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by komputatek, May 10, 2007.

  1. komputatek

    komputatek LI Guru Member

    I have two RV042s and want to establish a "Gateway to Gateway" tunnel. I have read all the guides, watched the videos (here) and all seems Ok. Another curious factor is that QuickVPN will work fine until I setup the tunnels on each end. Then QVPN won't work. If I reset the router, QVPN will again work until I setup the G2G tunnel.

    I'm very new to this so I have some basic questions: How do I make the tunnel connect? or find out what's happening? It only says "Waiting for connection" and the tunnel test column is always N/A Do i also need to establish a Group tunnel. I tried, but it wouldn't allow me to use the same domain name.

    Concerning QVPN, Does it require a client to Gateway tunnel? It seems to work Ok If I have created one, but not with the Gateway to Gateway ( the client tunnel never activates) The error inside the vpnserver.conf is "version=1msgtype=statusstatus=-102message=The protection network conflict". This error is the result of trying to connect once I have created the G2G tunnels.

    Here's some G2G tunnel setup details:

    Both sites are using dyndnswith auto update; Router A local group 1 is with; Router B local group is with, I have each router set to look to the other as the remote group.

    I have went with the default security settings and created a basic preshared key (where is this used?)

    I updated the firmware as of yesterday on both routers. I've also installed the newest QuickVPN.

    I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
  2. vpnuser

    vpnuser LI Guru Member

    QuickVPN works independent of G2G tunnel. All you need to setup for QuickVPN is username/password for each user on the router. The QuickVPN Client get the preshared key from the router over https on port 443 or 60443. You do need to enable HTTPS in the firewall page of RV042, though.

    To avoid conflict, I would configure the LAN ip of RV042 not to be in the network.
  3. komputatek

    komputatek LI Guru Member

    QuickVPN Verses G2G tunnel

    So why is it that once I create a G2G tunnel my QVPN no longer works. If QVPN is supposed to be independent Do I need to set anything else so my tunnel doesn't interfere with QPVN?
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