RV042 v1.3.7.9 Beta Firmware Report

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Toxic, Jul 28, 2006.


How does the RV042 v1.3.7.9 firmware perform?

  1. It has fixed all my issues

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  2. It fixed some issues (Please list issues below)

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  3. Still have same problems.

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  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Linksys has released this firmware as a beta. I would like some imput into its functionality and any issues that you find with it.

    this thread is not a flame attack on linksys. it is purely to raise issues with the firmware so we can submit our findings to the developing team.

    There is also no point in asking for new features, since this firmware is beta it will be released as an official release in due time.

    The changes are listed below.

    New Features:

    1. Support Paid Custom DNS for dyndns.org. A Custom DNS checkbox is displayed on Setup->DDNS->DynDNS.org page.
    2. Support IPSec NAT Traversal in both Gateway-to-Gateway Mode and Gateway to Client Mode. (v1.3.7.9 change)

    Issues Fixed:

    1. Fix the "Selective Acks Off" issue that affects performance.
    2. Fix the issue with saving a pre-shared key with apostrophe.
    3. Fix the subnet mask issue. Remark: In previous firmware, when the router's subnet mask is set to,,,, or, you will no longer be able to change the subnet back to
    4. Restrict the Dynamic IP Range in DHCP Server Configuration to be in accordance with the LAN IP and Subnet Mask configuration of RV router. For Example, when LAN IP/Mask =, the DHCP IP Range the user can configure will be restricted to the range of through
    5. Fixed a PPTP Server problem that failed to establish PPTP connection when DMZ Host enabled.
    6. Disallow users to set x.x.x.0 in the LAN IP address field.
    7. Update the on-line help of VPN Client Access (QuickVPN) Setting.
    8. Modified the alert message as the following when enabling Remote Management.
    (1) When https is enabled, remote management enabled, and password being the default password,
    Message: The Router is currently set to its default password. As a security measure, you must change the password before the Remote Management feature can be enabled. Press "OK" to change your password, or press "Cancel" to leave the Remote Management feature disabled.
    (2) When https is disabled, remote management enabled, and password being the default password,
    Message: Please be warned that once remote management is enabled, it will be safer to remotely administer the router by https on port 443 instead of http. The Router is currently set to its default password. As a security measure, you must change the password before the Remote Management feature can be enabled. Press "OK" to change your password, or press "Cancel" to leave the Remote Management feature disabled.
    9. RV042 will listen to ports 443 and 60443 for QuickVPN connection. Remark: Earlier firmware only listens to port 443.
  2. murkys

    murkys Guest

    What do I do after I download it...
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member


    are you having problems with your RV042 then?
  4. limesoft

    limesoft Network Guru Member

    Thanks Toxis~~ it fix my QuickVPN client issues where can't log in behind proxy server, hotspot and some scripts problems
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    good to here that. tbh i have noticed an overall improvement in WAN speed now the Selective ACKs are fixed. There have been many other reports of slow WAN speeds.
  6. marshal

    marshal Network Guru Member

    I'll upgrade mine later on today...

    will i need to do a factory default and redo all my settings, or leaving it as is will be ok? (i dont think so, but i'm asking)
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    v1.3.7.9 should be in Beta today. i'll put it up as soon as I get it.

    marshal. it is recommended that a hard restet is done, but you should be able to get away without one since the firmware versions are not that much different ie v1.3.7.x if your using a 1.1.x.x firmware then i would recommend a factory reset.
  8. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    OK This thread is now updated to Beta release.

    The only difference I know of is, the additional support for NAT-T in "Client to Gateway" mode.

    v1.3.7.9 is now available in the downloads section.
  9. pspears

    pspears LI Guru Member

    I guess my vote wasn't fair. I said I was still having the same problems but after reading didn't try and address my issue. My issue being not able to access multiple remote subnets over 1 tunnel.
  10. skorell

    skorell Network Guru Member

    It appears IPSec traffic is not being passed (at least in my configuration) with I have setup a group VPN tunnel (client to gateway) and all traffic to UDP 500 (IPSec) is being dropped due to policy violation. Even if I specifically allow IPSec traffic in the firewall access rules, it is still dropped due to policy violation. If I specify allow all traffic from the source IP I am connecting from it does work. This is obviously not a viable solution. It is atleast a step in the right direction as NAT-T is funcitonal and I can atleast make a VPN connection by allowing all traffic from the source IP from behind a PIX525. Can anyone confirm that the group VPN function is working? Any suggestions would be grateful.
  11. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    yep that may not be a feature of this routers description in the first place.
  12. mindhack

    mindhack LI Guru Member

    Running v1.3.7.9

    I installed v1.3.7.9 and the VPN connection now works via port 60443 since I am using 443 for a SSL site. Also noticed that my download speed is more stable than it was before. On sites that it used to jump between 200 and 500 kb/ps I am getting a constant 494 kb/ps.:thumbup:
  13. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    great news!
  14. marshal

    marshal Network Guru Member

    Thanks Simon for the firmware..

    Just flashed my RV042.. my both vpn connection is up. I did some speedtest before and after..

    I gained about 200k on my 10mbits connection! Ok.. its not big.. but it show amelioration!

    Thx :)
  15. Sen Yang

    Sen Yang Guest

    Is that possible that the RV042 will have the VPN backup feature as RV082 does and how can I setup the router(RV042) so that it passes multicast?
  16. bradlee

    bradlee Network Guru Member

    I have been having problems maintaining NAT connections (not even VPN) through my RV042. These issues have been on-and-off for a while (several firmwares, at least back to The problemoccurs if I have the firewall on. Occasionally it will drop packets and therefore kill the connection. It's not uncommon for me to see in the logs:

    And the page will have to be refreshed in order to fully load. This has also happened in the midst of large http-get downloads and in this case it stops the download completely. The firewall only has the default rules enabled. At first I thought it was the NAT tracker losing track of the connections I had made, but when I turn off the firewall NAT seems to work fine. Also, when I have the firewall on, the WAN service detection tends to fail about once every 20 minutes:

    I have the retry set to 60 seconds so this should not be an issue. In the past I have been able to use bittorrent heavily through this router, and in general it seems to get worse with successive bittorrent sessions, but I'm not sure if this is related in reality or only in my mind. The issues have persisted across multipl resets and firmwares. Is anyone else having these connection maintenance issues? Anyone have any ideas?
  17. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    and if you dont run bittorrent at all? are you still having problems??
  18. bradlee

    bradlee Network Guru Member

    Sorry for not being clear earlier. Yes, I am still having problems with nothing running (i.e. no services forwarded and only NAT traffic is web/email). I contacted linksys technical support yesterday about this issue and just recieved a reply with some interesting (non-standard) reflashing tips. I will try them and post the results here.

  19. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    what type of connecton do you have to the net?
  20. bradlee

    bradlee Network Guru Member

    Time Warner Cable Modem- works prefectly well with WRT54Gv1 and BEFS41v4. I could crash those routers with bittorrent because they have less memory and the RV042, but they would always work fine after a power reset. I have 4 machines on the network; all are experiencing the same problems of occasionally being unable to access the internet.

    Incidentally the problems have occurred with MTU=auto and MTU=1500. And the problem is not performance but reliability anyway.

    Here's the steps linksys has told me to try:

    •set the MTU lower - I'm ignoring this b/c other routers work fine on auto and on 1500.

    if that doesn't work (heh), then:

    •Hardwire a non-firewalled PC to the router.
    • Assign a static IP address on the PC.
    • Force the adapter of the mentioned PC to 10 Mbps half duplex.
    • Execute the firmware upgrade.
    • Reset the router.
    • Reconfigure it for Internet and Application access.

    I'm about to do it and will post the results. Hopefully through RV042 and not a backup router.

  21. compwhiz

    compwhiz Network Guru Member

    problems with download speed

    So, I have Comcast 4Mpbs down/768 up circuit. Prior to RV042, I had WRT54G running as a router with Sveasoft firmware. While going to dslreports.com and doing speed testing, I was getting 3MBps plus. when I switched connectivity to RV042 running the latest beta firmware I downloaded from the site today, I am getting download speeds of 1.5Mbps. :(

    Any idea what I should try? I did factory reset on my RV042 after the upgrade and configured everything from scratch.
  22. marshal

    marshal Network Guru Member

    I found a little bug! :)

    before upgrading to, in the DHCP setting, I had manually set the dns for my locals machines:

    DNS 1:
    DNS 2:

    btw, my lan ip's are on The its a subnet i have acces (static routing...)

    If I set the dns in the order above, the router assign the DNS he get's from my ISP ( , ,

    If I inverse it (dns 1: and dns2:, on my local machines, only will be there.. the 1.1 are not there..

    It seem that we cannot put anymore the ip of the router as the dns.. ?
  23. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Set MTU to 1500 Save setting and reboot router.
  24. compwhiz

    compwhiz Network Guru Member

    Thanks. That seemed to have helped. NOw, the issue is that MTU setting is global, and my second ISP is DSL, thus needs 1492 MTU. And I found an article on how to set MTU for a line, but can't figure out how to make sure it persists across the reboots. Any ideas?
  25. starlight

    starlight Network Guru Member

    this Beta release fixes some of my issues.
    The FTP problem with load balancing and firewall active seems to disappear.

    But i have a networks with 3 Subnets (192.168.1.X,.2.X,.3.X)
    Only the clients of the .1 Net, where he rv042 resides, have transparent access to the internet, the other ones not. When i replace the rv042 with a wrt54G then it works perfectly. Routing is on both the same, gateway for both networks set identically.
    With i can cascade the wrt in front of the rv to use the load balancing feature, with, same configuration, it doesn't work.

    Secondly i can't test if it disappeared, but in the older version the dns hangs after a short while when i use the rv as a dns server for my internal network. Linksys support confirmed the problem but i don't know if there is a fix in this new release

  26. aweber1nj

    aweber1nj LI Guru Member

    I'd like to give this a try, as I have a custom DynDNS account, and could report whether that's working, but for some reason when I go to do a "Firmware Upgrade", it starts and then it tries to forward to /upgrade.cgi, but that shows "Page Cannot be Displayed" (assume 404)???

    Luckily it hasn't turned my RV into a brick yet. Does anyone know why this happens???

    Thanks in advance,

    FORGET IT -- shoot the newbie -- I didn't realize it was a zip file and not the actual image! :D
  27. aweber1nj

    aweber1nj LI Guru Member

    custom DynDNS seems to work

    I enabled the custom DynDNS feature in the new firmware and it successfully updated my address with their service. Very cool.

    I did a straight firmware upgrade from .4 (saved settings beforehand, just in case), and everything came thru fine.

    Thanks everyone!
  28. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    either an antivirus program or simialr program will block either cgi scripts or java.

    you need to make sure that the programs you run ignore the local ip address of the router.

    my Avast antivirus conflicts with some web gui pages from several routers.
  29. Jan_at_Linksysinfo

    Jan_at_Linksysinfo LI Guru Member

    Which draft of NAT traversal is supported?

    I've read that the new beta firmware supports NAT traversal. I had a look at the router a couple of months ago and returned it, because it did not support NAT traversal.

    Can somebody tell me, if the router supports NAT traversal draft 2 or 3?

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