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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by pacolux86, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. pacolux86

    pacolux86 LI Guru Member

    Has anyone found a workaround to getting Vista to recognize the RV042 series router as a UPNP device. For example...in MSN messenger it says that I am not connected to a UPNP router...but when I go to one of my 8 XP machines it says it is connected to a UPNP router. Video and Audio conferencing works fine on XP but not on VISTA.

    Router is running firmware....
    UPNP is enabled on router....

    Vistabox Network Discovery is enabled and firewall is disabled....

    no proxys/firewall rules anywhere...


    PS...It does work if router is taken out of loop....:)

  2. pacolux86

    pacolux86 LI Guru Member

    Answer from Linksys...

    Well I got my answer from linksys. Seems my $200 router is usless with Vista.:eek:


    Thank you for contacting Linksys® Technical Support. My name is Kathrine.

    Linksys has launched its support for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating systems on selected products only (last January 30, 2007). Some Linksys products require driver or firmware upgrades as a necessary step to assure the highest possible level of quality and compatibility with Windows Vista. Updates may not be immediately available for all supported products and some products released prior to the launch of Windows Vista may not be upgradeable at any point. A full list of supported products is available at http://www.linksys.com/vista.

    For more details and assistance on Linksys products, please visit our online technical support center at www.linksys.com/support.


    Kathrine P.
    Badge ID 24013
    Email Technical Support
    Linksys – A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Website: www.linksys.com
  3. pacolux86

    pacolux86 LI Guru Member

    my reply...

    So what you are saying is…the over $5,000 investment that I have made in placing RV042 in my offices last year for VPN access and Internet Connectivity are not useful when my customers want to roll out vista…I now have to tell my customers their investment in network equipment is a farce. What happens when Longhorn Rolls out? Am I going to have to invest in another $5,000 of network equipment? That’s $15,000 for routers. And what about the lost sales I will have because my customer says it is not worth upgrading to Vista because of having to upgrade their router.

    And I can’t believe that you are telling me that your Crappy BEFVP41 received priority for vista compatibility over your RV series routers. There is not a Dual WAN router on your list, much less a Router with any type of business features. The new… WRVS4400N that I just bought my dad for his birthday for $200 2 weeks ago is not even on your compatibility list.

    This is unacceptable…you need to fix the issue with the RV/WRV Series routers. (You have already fixed one issue, thus making an effort for Vista compatibility) don’t stop there.

    …a loyal customer for almost 10 years.
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