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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by ceje, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. ceje

    ceje Network Guru Member

    I would like to setup a VPN from my home to my office. I have a backup server at home that will receive file transfers 24x7 for disaster recovery purposes.

    Quick VPN connects and works great for this until it disconnects. Since it’s 24x7 I can’t very well restart it manually, and since Quick VPN does not have an auto reconnect I’ve got to use a different VPN Client. I’ve been trying TGB without success.

    I’ve talked to linksys until I’m blue in the face. Maybe someone here can help. I’ve read quite a few posts and tried several things without much success. TIA for any help / ideas.

    Here’s what the network looks like:
    Remote Network
    Windows Server 2003,TGB Client(2.51.008) -> Linksys BEFSR11 -> Cable modem

    Local Network
    Windows Server 2003 -> Linksys RV042 ( -> Cable modem

    The Greenbow console displays[vpnconf] Unable to initialize communication with TGBSTARTER.
    This was supposedly fixed in ver 2.5, so I must have some other mis-configurations.

    NOTE: I have uninstalled QuickVPN and deleted the users on the "VPN Client access" users on the RV042.

    Thanks, Ceje
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  3. ceje

    ceje Network Guru Member

    Thanks Doc.
    The link said
    "Linksys devices that do not have this NAT-T problem when "hosting" VPN tunnels are...".

    In my configuration the "hosting" device would be the RV042. This would imply that the RV042 needs to support NAT-T.
    But, the BEFSR11 is not hosting the VPN and would not be required to support NAT-T.I doubt that the BEFSR11 does NAT-T since it has no VPN config screens.

    Although I cannot find anything in the RV042 docs that state it does NAT-T, I assume it does. Do you know if the RV042 supports NAT-T?

    EDIT: I'm now thinking that both routers must support NAT-T... which means that I'll never get this working until I replace the BEFSR11... Right?
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