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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Skippy_2001, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Skippy_2001

    Skippy_2001 LI Guru Member

    Ok looking to purchase the RV042 Router for our business but want to make sure it will work as i need it. Will this unit allow our outside clients access our internal domain, dhcp servers and let our internal dhcp server pass the clients their ip information? I am wanting a VPN that will act as if those people are setting at their desk when they are out in the field..... They would be pulling data from our SQL servers also... Any help would be appreciate. I just don't want to buy this router and find out dohhh!!! it wont do what i want it to do...... Thanks

  2. Beta2K

    Beta2K LI Guru Member

    No it won't. You have two choices for VPN with the RV042 and road warrior clients (esentialy). You can use Linksys's QuickVPN software which sets up a IPSec tunnel for you or you can use PPTP where you get a internal address and it functions well with M$'s VPN client but the address is assigned by the RV042 from a pool that you designate to it. You are also limited to 4 users/IP addresses for the PPTP server but you can purchase more licences from Linksys. The RV042 does not support L2TP so you can not have your company DHCP server assign the addresses.

    PPTP works well, gives you a internal address, as long as you are ok with handing the RV042 a chunk of IP's to do it's thing with and you don't have more then 4 users or you purchase more licences.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    just to be precise, its 5 users actually.
  4. Skippy_2001

    Skippy_2001 LI Guru Member

    OK update got this beast at the local tech store price was fair .....:wink: :wink: ... No on to the questions have it setup now on a test network and am using the PPTP server which is easy as pie to setup I mean all I do is basically put in a username and password for it and do the same on the xp client and bam its connected.. Now the real question is how secure is this. I thought that a vpn was going to be a bear to setup but wow this was too easy so that is why I’m questioning how secure is it this way.... Also what are the add a new tunnel settings for I see a lot of settings there but what client software do you have to use for them... Sorry for the newbie questions but this is my first vpn setup and I really would like to understand it just a little bit better before I go to a live network with this box... Thanks....

  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    The add new tunnels are for users to create a Tunnel between either two IPSec VPN Routers (constant running VPN Tunnel) or IPSec Clients (software run) to the VPN tunnel endpoint (Router).

    SSH Sentinel, GreenBow, NCP are but a few Software IPSec Clients.
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