RV042 vpn VNC and Dameware issues

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by wacktool, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. wacktool

    wacktool LI Guru Member

    I have the vpn setup and able to do everying as in map to drives, print to printers, UNC to pc's ie.. \\computername\C$ can view the intranet, and security cameras. Only thing i cant figure out is VNC or dameware through vpn. I can vnc or dameware and will be prompted for the password/uid but then the screen just goes black. I can vnc or dameware locally but not vpn, but again everything else works out find. Please help.
  2. quetzall

    quetzall Network Guru Member

    RV042 Real Vnc

    I have same problem, one router has the firmware and the other, and the conection by the VPN was working, but when i changed de firmware in the other router to the firmaware, the VPN was up but when i tried to conect to the server VCN it send a black window and then it send the next message

    Connection rest bye the peer (10054).
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