Rv042 vpn with Xp clients

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by 3l3mn8r, May 7, 2008.

  1. 3l3mn8r

    3l3mn8r Guest

    I have a win2k3 server behind an Rv042 router and I just want my field technicans to be able to upload files to a share on the server. I have 50 techs in the field that will not be uploading at the same time but they will all ultimately need to connect with vpn, encrypted preferrably, to the server share. I have browsed my fingers raw and found so much conflicting theories and trials that I thought I would post here and see if anyone has a straight answer on how I should set this up.

    Can I use the "create vpn connection" in Winxp? I simply want my techs to be able to vpn into the server using their winxp laptops. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. ifican

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    There are a few folks here that are really good server folks and hopefully they will jump in soon enough. You should beable to run pptp tunnels to the server but you are going to be limited to 1 at a time since you will have to forward ports. Another option that comes to mind is quickvpn, i havent played with it in sometime so i dont know how robust it is anymore however as long as your server is on the same subnet as the internal network, quickvpn should do you fine.
  3. YeOldeStonecat

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    I prefer to have clients VPN into a hardware device (router or VPN appliance)..rather than do it software wise. I'm not fond of the Linksys QuickVPN...but the RV0 series also supports PPTP VPN..which is what Windows has as its native client. It will support up to 5x PPTP VPN users. Unfortunately you cannot have 50x VPN accounts...so if you have 50x users...you have to think about how many might connect at the same time....so you may have an issue here. You can't enter more than 5x PPTP VPN users names in the list. You could just use 1x name and setup a VPN connection on the laptops with that same name..but I don't know if the RV0 will deny a 2nd connection if theres a first connection already connected using that same user/pass.

    Once connected to the RV0...they can authenticate and connect to the servers share just like they were on the local network...which is seamless if these machines are members of the domain with logins of domain accounts.

    Your other alternative would be to have your server do the VPN authentication...open/forward port 1723 tcp on the router to the LAN IP of the NIC you use to accept your VPN connections on the server. For heavier use..may want to have a member server running RRAS just to handle this...I'd probably not want to do this on your DC which is probably quite busy doing other things.

    An ideal solution would be to have a dedicated VPN appliance to handle your needs. Up to 50x road warriors...I'd prefer this approach, as your needs appear to be a bit above the capabilities of the RV0 series. Juniper SSL boxes are my favorite...best experience has been with them. Expensive..yes...but so dang rock solid..easy to use, compatible, stable, VERY fast, and top notch support.

    If it's above your budget...consider an open sourced product...many great (and surprisingly easy to use) linux distro routers out there...Endian, IPCop, Smoothwall, m0n0wall, PFSense, ...my favorite is Untangle. Built in OpenVPN.
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