RV042 vs PFSense: QoS, Bridge, Multi WAN in Home Media Network

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by crashnburn, Jul 15, 2008.

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    This question derives from the complete information posted here.




    Since no one replied I am going to try and FOCUS this discussion.

    I posted on the Small Net Builder forums and got 2 answers:

    Linksys RV042 and PFSense. Help me figure this out please so I can pick one.

    2 Condos.
    Wired CAT6
    Gigabit Ethernet Switches (Planned)
    2 ISPs (Hoping to Bridge)

    Looking for appropriate QoS / Bridge / Gateway / Router / etc. (See top right corner of the Diagram on Picasa Link after ZOOMING in. )


    I am trying to ensure 3 kinds of QoS.
    1) INTERNAL QoS:
    How different kinds of traffic flow inside the network. There is a bunch of traffic that would almost never need to go out. e.g. Media Streaming from NAS to Xbox XBMC. This is INTERNAL only.

    2) EXTERNAL QoS:
    There is a lot of traffic that would be EXTERNAL. Internet Traffic (VoIP, Email, Web Browsing, VoIP, Youtube, Online Radio, Torrents). Even though we have no control over QoS once we hit the ISP, I'd like to atleast GATEKEEP and assign / reserve some Bandwidth by Absolute BW or Percentage BW. Is this kind of fine tuning even possible?

    3) User Priority QoS:
    There are "kids" in the house who might over indulge the bandwidth so it would be great to have the ability to CAP bandwidth for those people / machines on the network.

    I believe some switches also do Per-Port based Bandwidth throttling.

    Are all of the above something i could do with PFSense? Could I do it ALL with the Linksys RV Router? I would've preferred a BOX like the Router you suggested but I am guessing it would turn out to be more expensive?
    ONE ISSUE: It is 4 - 10/100. I guess I lose out on the Gigabit functionality.

    Do you think it might be possible to get a "Slim" / Rack Mount Like 'Box' that has Gigabit Ethernet (Atleast Dual WAN) for cheap (er) than the Linksys RV Router? Since I want to keep it a FULL / PROPER Gigabit Ethernet I'd need 4 Gigabit cards / ports on the Motherboard?

    From what I hear the PCI based cards dont give full performance. They have to be on the Motherboard or PCI-e. What do you think? I am a little out of synch on hardware.

    Which one would become more expensive?

    I would prefer to actually be able to INTEGRATE and create a Single Subnet that includes both Condo 1 and Condo 2. Is that possible?

    The idea of creating multiple VNets came to me after realizing that I might need some restricted parts if at all for TESTING or ISOLATION sometime. I have no current thoughts / immediate need on that at this front.
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