RV042 WAN Failover is not working properly

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by uxphreak, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. uxphreak

    uxphreak Addicted to LI Member

    Hello all,

    I have an RV042 with FW configured as a router with Smart Link Backup enabled. I've tested my configuration by unplugging ISP1 from WAN1 which causes the router to switch to ISP2 on WAN2. I've also disabled the WAN interface on the router from ISP1 which causes the RV042 to correctly failover to ISP2 on WAN2. On two occasions ISP1 has gone down but the RV042 never switched traffic to ISP2 on WAN2, and when ISP1 came back online the RV042 was not receiving the data. I had to power cycle the RV042 on both occasions in order to get traffic to flow from WAN1.

    Is there another method I can use to test failover? Has anyone had similar issues with failover not working as it's intended?
  2. uxphreak

    uxphreak Addicted to LI Member

    Additional Information

    On 3 occasions this afternoon I saw these messages in the log on my RV042:

    2008-08-25 13:58:24 Aug 25 13:58:23 2008 NHLink SYSLOG_NK-(System Log)DHCP lease info: ip[] mask[] gw[] host_name[UNAVAILABLED] domain_name[NOT GIVEN] server_name[NOT GIVEN] dns_server1[] ttl[0] mtu[0] renew_time[2008/8/29 01:58:23] expire_time[2008/9/1 13:58:23]

    It does not appear that Smart Link Backup engaged due to a failure on WAN1 so I'm wondering why these messages appeared on the router.
  3. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    What type of broadband connections do you have on the two WANs? What are your network service detection settings?
  4. uxphreak

    uxphreak Addicted to LI Member

    WAN1 is connected to the E0 Interface of a Cisco IAD2400 Series router which is connected to a T1 at ISP1. WAN2 is connected to E0 of a cable modem which is connected to cable internet at ISP2.

    I have enabled Network Service Detection, with Retry Count set to 3, Retry Timeout at 10, and When Fail set to Remove the connection. WAN1 is set to ping DNS Lookup Host www.yahoo.com, and WAN2 is set to ping DNS Lookup Host www.google.com.

    Last night at around 8PM MST the RV042 appeared to experience problems on WAN1 and suspended IPX1. Over a 10 minute span, almost every second a suspend event is recorded for IPX1. During this time our users could not access the internet. We power cycled the RV042 and once it was online IPX1 began working properly.

    It appears "something" is causing the RV042 to suspend IPX1 but either not transferring to IPX2 OR renegotiating IPX1 and immediately suspending it again. After power cycling the RV042 the issue ceases and all is good again.
  5. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    How does failover from ISP2 to ISP1 perform? Does it have the same problems as the reverse direction?

    I think pinging yahoo and google servers might pose a problem, although not the specific failover problem you are having. I've always thought that pinging your ISP's gateway or the first pingable router on a tracert on either WAN would be a better set up. Temporary network problems between your ISP and the google/yahoo servers would cause unnecessary failover.
  6. uxphreak

    uxphreak Addicted to LI Member

    I haven't tested failover from ISP2 to ISP1 yet, although, for our network configuration this would not be ideal because the connection to ISP1 is part of our Enterprise WAN while ISP2 is simply for Internet redundancy.

    I can see your point about yahoo and google, however, as you mentioned it shouldn't matter which DNS Hosts the RV042 pings because the failover does not appear to be functioning correctly. Nevertheless, I will modify my settings just to be on the safe side.
  7. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    If the failover problem is symmetrical, e.g. ISP1 to ISP2 is the same result as ISP2 to ISP1, then that would suggest a problem with the RV042, but if failover from ISP2 to ISP1 works correctly, then that would probably mean there is some type of interaction between the Cisco router and the RV042 that is preventing proper failover that your simple cable modem doesn't have with the RV042.
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