RV042 WAN2 clone MAC and dhcp problem...

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by K-maleon, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. K-maleon

    K-maleon LI Guru Member

    Im trying to use my RV042 in the next mode:
    WAN1  fixed IP by dhcp (cablemodem)
                                         \ ____  Load Balancing
    WAN2  fixed IP by dhcp (cablemodem)  /
    connecting before clone the MAC (necessary for fixed IP), its ok in two WANs interfaces (activating load-balancing), but... when clone MAC on both WAN interfaces, only WAN1 keep working, WAN2 send DHCPDISCOVER but never accept DHCPOFFER from my dhcp-server (for test).
    all the information in the console (using cli shell), is the same in both interfaces, except MAC and name

    is this a bug?
    is my device broken?
    Im stupid configuring this? :biggrin:

    every time when reset to default factory, WANs ifaces can work fine (but, I need clone the MAC because this is a firewall for backup)

    Thanks and regards!
    (im sorry for my poor english)
  2. sashooo

    sashooo LI Guru Member

    Same here. Two PPPoE connections - if clone mac is enabled WAN2 doesn't connect. Firmware is 1.3.9
    With (and earlier) clone mac works fine.
  3. K-maleon

    K-maleon LI Guru Member

    I'll try to downgrade, and reply to this post again...

    (default factory version of this device is 1.3.8 and cannot find older versions)
    "I am asking my uncle google" :p
    Im finded the 1.3.7-10 BETA version on this site, maybe something have the stable version ?

    "Im answering to my self"
    toxic response in this post
  4. K-maleon

    K-maleon LI Guru Member

    Thanks Sashoo!

    You need download from this link the BETA version, this version is the same like official stable release... (see "toxic response in this post"),
    an them, downgrade your RV042 firmware.
    reboot, and upload your previously saved setttings.

    (for spanish spokers)
    Problema con RV042 clonando MAC de WAN2 no toma DHCP.
    Cuando clonas la MAC address de ambas WAN para tomar su IP fija por DHCP
    (metodo usado por las cias de cablemodem),
    si deja de funcionar, debes descargar la version del firmware (disponible en linksysinfo -ver link en este mismo post-), y hacer un downgrade de tu dispositivo a dicha version. (tus configuraciones volveran al standard de fabrica, asi que salvalas primero), despues de esto funcionara nuevamente...
  5. K-maleon

    K-maleon LI Guru Member

    After downgrade, cannot acces every time the web admin page, (im receiving a blank page or a little part of screen like top of page), from LAN and WAN connection.
    any suggestion?
  6. sashooo

    sashooo LI Guru Member

    Reset it and do not import saved settings from newer firmware. There are features in 1.3.9 for example which are missing in So reset the router and enter your settings manually.
  7. K-maleon

    K-maleon LI Guru Member

    but, this is a new config. settings, (I never save the settings before)
    its workinging, but I cannot acces the web interface, (some times via LAN its possible)

    I was probed in different ports.

  8. JasonHears

    JasonHears Guest

    Just wanted to add the solution to a problem that got me to this page originally. I have the 2 ISPs and was looking to do load balancing between my two connections through the RV042. I couldn't get WAN2 to obtain an IP address. It kept coming up with This is with firmware ver 1.3.12.

    What I found was that the router was actually set to "Fail-Over", so that it uses one connection, and only uses the second one if the first one fails. It seems to act like the WAN2 port doesn't turn on (or accept an IP address) until the first one fails.

    I changed the setting to "Load Balance", and the WAN2 IP address showed up, and it began working. So if anyone is coming here looking for a reason why their WAN2 IP doesn't show up before they went to turn on load balancing, like I did, then try that first.
  9. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    Unfortunatelly, the load ballancing does not work as well, if the WAN2 port has the MAC address changed.

    I have tested it with two different routers with and 1.3.10 firmware revisions.
  10. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    I've tested the problem with firmware, and it still does not work correctly.

    Where can I find, as the link posted above by K-maleon does point to some PDF document, now?
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