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  1. dpbklyn

    dpbklyn LI Guru Member

    Hello, and please be gentle I am a newbie to VPNing...

    I have searched the site and I probably don't know what I am looking for, but I think I need a set up guide for an RV042.

    What I am trying to do is:

    Give users remote access to a database that MUST be configured though a drive letter.

    The users will be using the Windows XP VPN client to access.

    I have tried setting up the VPN on the RV042 as a GROUP and as an individual tunnel, but I have not had any luck.

    The RV042 has a static address, the remote users wil be "dialing in" form their homes on DSL or cable (dynamic addresses).

    Thank you in advance...

  2. dpbklyn

    dpbklyn LI Guru Member

    Can't access shared directory

    I FINALLY got QcuickVPN to work using the guide on thie site! Thank you!

    I am able to ping the machien I want to access by IP address, but I cant access the shared directories. I am trying to open them by: \\192.168....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. SmallOffice

    SmallOffice Network Guru Member

    Here are some thoughts...

    Have you set the file/directory permissions to give your users access?

    Have you checked the firewall?

    Hope this helps.

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