RV042 with Routers instead of modems..

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  1. igordon99

    igordon99 LI Guru Member


    I am a networking novice, so be gentle with me...

    I have an RV042 and am trying to set it up for Dual WAN with no success. I have a Netgear DG834 and a Speedtouch 546, both of which can connect independently, but neither can connect through the RV042, using the Diagnostics tool...

    is the issue that these are routers not modems, (i think you can turn some routers into bridges which is the same thing?!), or should I just buy 2 cheap modems, I'm in the Uk, what would you recommend?.

    Both connections are ADSl through the same ISP (Eclipse)


  2. buddel

    buddel LI Guru Member

    It is possible

    Hi there,

    yes it is possible to do dual wlan with the rv042 and two routers. take the first router and change the ip of the router to (for example). disable dhcp, if you like to. take the second router and change the ip to another net, for example. connect the two routers via lan cable to the two wlan input connector of the linksys router. make sure, both routers are not connected on any other way than via the linksys router. in the dual wlan setup menu choose static ip for both and give the linksys three new ip adresses: for wan1 subnet and the gateway is it is important that you insert the correct dns server from your isp. make the same for wan2 ( .....) at this point it should be possible to say obtain ip automatically, if you are using dhcp on both routers... next step is to give the linksys an own ip adress, different net again, for example. write down the dns server adresses, one from the first and one from the second isp, but i think you have the same isp for both connections, so it doesnt matter... by the way, make sure your isp has no problem with your connection. if you are using a flat rate, your isp maybe wants you to pay two times, so you need two flatrates, check your account, if it is allowed to you to connect two times at the same time without paying extra... thats it. connect a pc two one of the four lan inputs. if you enabled dhcp in the linksys, your pc should optain necessary data. if you want to make it by your own, give your pc the next free ip, for example, remember the standard gateway for every pc connection is you can use as a dns server or you can use the dns servers from your isp directly. it should work right now. but remember you will get trouble and very long answering times, if one of the routers will not be connected to the internet. and dont think you will receive double bandwidth. for example: if you download one large file, one connection will be used. but while downloading at full speed, you can do other things and you will receive full speed again. for example you have two 125kb lines, than you can download at 125kb, and you still have 125kb for surfing or email, while downloading. it will bu much better if you use a download manager and allow to use more than one connection, than you will have more than 125kb. if you surf the net you will see the effect. for example you visit a page with 100 large pictures... than router 1 will load picture 1,3,5,7... and at the same time router 2 will load 2,4,6,8... so that is nearly double speed. interesting light show you will see on the leds of the linksys router, switching left to right, right to left on the two wlan connections... thats it, i hope it will work for you, make sure not to connect to the two router, only via the linksys. so if you do something wrong in your router setup you have to take out the cable from your pc to the linksys and connect directly to the router. dont forget ot cvhange your ip adress to a correct one of the routers network. ask again if something will not work...
  3. igordon99

    igordon99 LI Guru Member

    Wow, Almost a manual!!


    Thanks for your comprehensive instructions, I'll try it tonight and let you know how I get on.


  4. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    I always change the combo router/modems into plain old bridged mode. If they can't...I get a regular bridged modem.

    Putting a router behind another router...you're double NAT'ing...that's something I stay away from. Yeah "most" things run fine most of the time, but some apps 'n services can get a bit wonky with it. Plus a little performance hit.
  5. igordon99

    igordon99 LI Guru Member

    Buddel, Your the man!!


    Works a treat, it was the crappy Speedtouch (I wouldnt part with money for one...) used 2 DG834's and I have very quick internet... I just have to figure out firewall because smtp isn't working.

    Thanks Again...

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