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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by froberts, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. froberts

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    I have downloaded the latest firmware ( for the RV082. There is one purpose for having the VPN. I am connecting to an internal VoIP system with a static IP address. I have been able to connect via three means:

    PPTP Server
    The connection through PPTP works fine and I can connect to my phone system. The only drawback to this method is that it is limited to five users. Linksys engineering does not know if the next firmware will support more users. I need 10.

    I can connect to the RV082 using the QuickVPN Client with no problem. To do this, I blew away any configuration on the router, ensured that https was enabled on the firewall tab, and connected. I can communicate with the router. I can communicate with a Windows XP Pro laptop behind the router. I can not communicate with my VoIP system which has a static IP address. I added the IP and harware address to the Static IP portion of the DHCP tab to no avail. I can still not ping the static IP address. Linksys engineers no help.

    TheGreenbow VPN Client
    I can connect to the VPN with similar results to the Linksys QuickVPN client except I can't communicate with anything except the RV082 when logged in to the VPN.

    Any suggestions are welcome and will be tried.

  2. wtm

    wtm Network Guru Member

    The Quick VPN client creates a tunnel, so tne actual IP address being used by the remote PC is passed through to the LAN side of the RV082.

    This works fine if you have the RV082 at the office and something like a BEFSR41 at home, with both set to factory defualts. The PC will have a 192.168.1.x address and the LAN side of the RV082 will be If you are using or, for instance, for the LAN side of your RV082, then you should change the NAT'ed subnet of the remote machine to match what you're running at your office.

    If the remote machine has a static IP address, then you can add a static route to your hosts ont the LAN side of your RV082 that point to the WAN address of your RV082 as a default route for the IP address of the remote machine. This approach can have undesired side-effects if your remote user initiates a conversation with a host that doesn't have a static rotue installed. The reply from the LAN host will go back to the remote user through your network's default gateway, and thus not be encrypted. Fortunately, the path asymetry will break many protocols and your remote user wouldn't be able to log in.

    This latter sounds like what Froberts is describing. You'd be able to log onto the RV082 just fine from Quick VPN, but you couldn't do anything else. One check is to ping a host on the LAN side of the RV082 from your remote PC. You might see an ICMP response coming back from the LAN host through your network's default gateway. It depends on how you have NAT and filtering set up on your network's border router.

    By the way, be sure to call Linksys Tech Support and brow beat them about the five user limitation. I can see why they pegged it at five, as they don't want to undermine sales of low-end Cisco PIX boxes. Competition such as D-link DI-804HV, Firebox and Sonicwall are also capped at five users, so Linksys probably feels they can get away with the artificial limit. I can live with limiting to five active PPTP sessions, but I'd really like to be able to list more than five accounts in the list! Grrrr!
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