RV082 BandWidth Management Question

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by R7424, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. R7424

    R7424 LI Guru Member

    Current Setup: RV082, firmware 1.3.6.

    WAN1: ATT DSL. ISP published max upload/download speed: 6,000 Kbits down and 768 Kbits up.

    WAN2: Not used at this point.

    Test #1:

    1. Without setting any bandwidth management in RV082.
    2. Run internet speed test.
    3. Speed test result: 85% of ISP published speed.

    Test #2:

    1. Enter 6000/768 (ISP published upload/download speed) in RV082
    Bandwidth Management page.
    2. Select Priority.
    3. Set HTTPS to have "HIGH" priority on WAN1, both upload and
    download, save changes.
    4. Run internet speed test.
    5. Speed test result: 80% of ISP published speed.

    Test #3:

    1. Change up/down speed from 6000/768 to 8000/1000, in RV082
    Bandwidth management.
    2. No other changes.
    3. Speed test result: 85% of ISP published speed.

    The speed tests were done here: http://nitro.ucsc.edu/. Test results are very consistant. Was able to duplicate the results every time.

    It looks like the RV082 keeps 5% of available bandwidth for some reason. Any other explanation or idea?
  2. R7424

    R7424 LI Guru Member

    Checked RV042 (firmware, same thing.

    My two cents, if you have nothing set up based on priority, the max up/down speed doesn't matter. If you do, make sure the max is entered properly.
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