RV082 Bombing Out on Schedule

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by x-maximus-x, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. x-maximus-x

    x-maximus-x Guest

    I have a few RV082's installed for some remote connectivity using the Quick VPN client. BTW I have no issues using the client when the router isn't locked up. One location started having timeout issues with uploads out of the blue. I saw that MTU was auto so I set manually. I also upgraded the firmware to x.x.14. Now, like clockwork the router dies every 2 hours and must be powered off/on. I am running pretty much the standard config on a cable modem with about 10 users.

    I was wondering if there is a 'best practices' available for these routers available somewhere and also what the best MTU setting is. I was thinking that the new, manual MTU setting may be causing the lockup. (1394)

  2. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    What kind of WAN connection do you have? I always set the MTU on my routers manually (no matter what brand they are)..but 1492 if PPPoE DSL, 1500 if bridged DSL, cable, or frame.
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