RV082 Can't Connect Using Static IP

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by mysastech, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. mysastech

    mysastech Network Guru Member

    My previous configuration was :
    RV082 IP : /
    WAN1 : PPPOE
    WAN2 : PPPOE
    Load Balance

    No problem what so ever

    My current configuration is :
    RV082 IP : /
    WAN1 : Static IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ (nothing can be changed)
    WAN2 : PPPOE
    Load Balance

    I've upgraded my WAN1 to SDSL,my telco gave me a ZTE ZXDSL 732 modem pre-configured,everything works fine if i connect the ZTE ZXDSL directly to one pc and set the tcp/ip on that pc to static,i stopped WAN2 (unplug) to test the sdsl on WAN1,but i cant get any connection through,did a ping to my telco,yahoo,google and everything comes out timed out,but when i stop using WAN1 (unplug) and put back WAN2 everything is ok..

    The ZTE ZXDSL 732 modem is configured as a router, is that the problem? i did disabled router mode on ZTE but i cant find any PPPOA option on the RV082,pptp didn't work either,

    Do i need to change the way RV082 to router mode? currently i'm using gateway

  2. computeguy

    computeguy Network Guru Member


    You have to define the IP/Mask and Gateway info into the RV082. Also define
    the DNS into the Router.

    Then you have to configure the static modem to be bridged mode (this should correct
    the problem you are having).

    I have the same situation working fine.
  3. mysastech

    mysastech Network Guru Member

    i can switch the ZTE modem to bridge mode,but my PPPOA wont connect..

    i did keyed in the ip/mask and gateway on my initial set up
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