RV082 DMZ and Internet ports fried

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by FarmerDave, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. FarmerDave

    FarmerDave LI Guru Member

    RV082 hooked up to internet via a WISP with an outdoor wireless antenna. Lost the Internet port to a lightning storm last year, lost the DMZ/Internet port to a lightning storm last night.

    Odd thing is, the link lights light up and the admin web server shows them as active, but I can't connect. If I hook up directly to the antenna with my PC (as I am now), it's fine.

    Is there any way to change one of the eight numbered ports to be an uplink, or does anyone have any other suggestions (besides buying a lightning arrester)? I'd rather not own a $300 paperweight....

    Thanks in advance,
  2. aviegas

    aviegas Network Guru Member

    It's not a paperweight, but a rather big and heavy $300 fast ethernet switch :)

    Seriously, I doubt it can be done for several reasons. First it would require a custom firmware and I'm yet to see one for any of the RV0xx routers despite the "open source code" that Linksys makes available.

    Second, these router's hardware have only 3 ethernet interfaces. Since two are gone, the third can't do much as all LAN ports are mapped to a single interface.

    But, it makes a nice switch. A cheaper alternative if you need the ports, is to go with a RV042, that sells for less than $140 theses days. Ah, you can always use ports on the RV082 to complement the RV042 ones. Unless you are using the VLAN features of the RV082, the RV042 will work the same way.
  3. FarmerDave

    FarmerDave LI Guru Member

    Thanks, I feared as much.

  4. heidnerd

    heidnerd LI Guru Member

    How were you able to determine that the WAN ports were actually fried? Perhaps a hard reset on the RV-082 first then re-setup the configuration would resolve the problem.

    FWIW, I think I would buy a cheap 10Mbs hub to stick between the WISP and your router replacement. That is - a sacrificial device that would be fried first and might spare the need to replace the more expensive routers.

    I would also consider a ProtectNet device from APC...


    I do both -- and I do not live in an area that has frequent electrical storms. But I am concerned about darn surges that might occur on telecom and cable lines should a tree blow down and cross the wrong wires :)

    Using old 10Mbs hubs between the DSL/cable modem was an low cost method to recycle them.

    I also place the modems/hubs on their own UPS near the point of entry into the house ---- which in my case is next to the electric panel/earth ground. You might see much gain from this method -- if your modem/hubs are a long distance (25 feet) from the earth ground.... When lightning strikes even a 25 foot run can have a large differential on it... and things would still fry.
  5. aviegas

    aviegas Network Guru Member

    That's quiet an interesting approach: using a hub as a fuse! Specially if the modem belongs to the ISP.

    I use a modular high speed gas arresters on my phone lines (all underground) for easy replacement.

    For other choices, a good reference is:

  6. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    I agree that old hubs are great for protection. I do the same but it is also a good point for connecting test devices and other goodies you might need from time to time and not disturb the main link. With WAN speeds reaching and surpassing 10M my old 10M hubs are finally out of date. Now it is the non switching 100M hubs that are getting used for this. When they die than a cheap $15 4 port switch does the trick nicely.
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