RV082: DSL Problems

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by jimmijam, Oct 5, 2005.

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    Here's the configuration at my office in bethel, ct (ilec = snet):
    Linksys RV082; firmware v1.1.6.14; failover mode; dhcp; firewall on
    (2) Speedstream 5100 modems
    (2) DSL lines (dedicated snet circuits)
    (2) DSL ISP’s: Netplex (primary - dynamic) and SBC-Yahoo (backup - PPPoE)

    Recent SNET (copper, DSLAM hardware, etc.) upgrades rendered the primary (Netplex) service unstable. I attempted to switch over to the SBC-Yahoo line but discovered:
    1. All FTP uploads stall on the first item
    2. Some (but not all) email clients time-out
    3. Posting replies to some web pages stalls

    So I restored the Netplex line and setup an independent network with the SBC-Yahoo line using a BEFSR41 router (firmware 1.46.02). The independent network doesn't demonstrate any of the aforementioned symptoms.

    I compared the settings on the RV082 versus the BEFSR41 and couldn't find any disparity. I've never used the SBC-Yahoo line since I started work here...it may never have worked properly with the RV082. My next step is to physically reverse the WAN ports...I'm waiting for a quiet period so as to avoid another angry mob.

    Both SNET and the ISP have tested the lines and tell me they're OK. It may take some time for me to try your suggestions...but any troubleshooting recommendations are appreciated!
    jimmijam - stratocaster southpaw
  2. jimmijam

    jimmijam Network Guru Member


    I reconfigured the backup (SBC-Yahoo) modem to perform the PPPoE authentication and configured the RV082 to obtain IP automatically. This appears to have resolved the symptoms I originally reported with this WAN port (FTP, web forms, etc.). I set the port as primary on my network and no one is complaining.

    I guess there's an incompatibility between the RV082 and the modem/ISP. In any event, I'm refocusing my efforts on the unstable DSL line.
    jimmijam - stratocaster southpaw
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