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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by jgerrits, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. jgerrits

    jgerrits LI Guru Member

    I could use a little help, setting up port forwarding/access rules, to only allow a certain range of IP addresses to connect with my mail server.

    I have a mail server, behind a linksys RV082. I use an off-site solution to filter my incoming mail. The issue I am having is in setting up port forwarding and access rules, to only allow traffic to come from the servers owned by my mail filtering solution. It seems spammers are ignoring MX records, and just spamming my public IP address directly with DNS harvesting attacks.

    If anyone can lend me a hand (Using the template of fake IP addresses I have below), it would be really appreciated.

    Securence Servers: to
    My Public IP:
    My Mailserver IP:
    My Router IP:
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    basically you want to port forward the port your using for your mail (what port do you use?) and point it to your mail server. the Access Rules can be setup to permit your Securence server IPs and deny everything else. if you click on the Wizard, this allows you to run through setting up a rule for permitting or denying access.
  3. jgerrits

    jgerrits LI Guru Member

    I'll try the wizard. I've been doing it manually, adding a deny all traffic from all to all on port 25. Then allowing port 25 traffic from my mail server, and also allowing the traffic to come in on port 25 from the mail servers.

    I guess my biggest question is on priority.

    (In both scenario's, everything on port 25 is forwarded to the mail server)

    Should I have:

    1 - Block all port 25 traffic
    2 - Allow 25 out from server
    3 - Allow 25 in from filtered server outside my network


    1 - Allow 25 out from server
    2 - Allow 25 in from filtered server outside my network
    3 - Block all port 25 traffic
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