RV082 - How Good is the Load Balancing?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Klaus, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Klaus

    Klaus Network Guru Member

    I'm about to get a second internet connection and am looking into different ways to combine the two. The Linksys RV082 and soon to be released RV042 look quite nice. I was hoping a user of the RV082 could give me their experience of the router. I'm especially interested in the load balancing side of it. Does it work well? Does work well through one of the connections dropping and coming back? Have you found any apps which give troubles due to the two external IP's?

    TIA :)

  2. hanoirocks

    hanoirocks Network Guru Member

    My opinion on the RV082

    I've been using it for about 3 months now. The latest firmware 1.1.5 is very stable. Since flashing it I haven't had any problems. It's been up 14 days straight without an issue.

    -I have 14 users behind it
    - 2 VPN tunnels to two different offices
    - Running Citrix behind it as well
    - Running webserver and MS Exchange

    I have tested the WAN auto-failover from TELUS to SHAW and it is rippin fast and flawless. The load balancing was a bit dodgy when I tried it out, but that was with the original firmware. They've apparently fixed the load balancing issues with the last ver. 1.1.4

    My INET connection is more than sufficient so I don't require the load balancing. I prefer to have redundancy instead. I haven't tried the Load balancing since I upgraded the firmware. The auto failover though is great.

    Details here: +

    The VPN encrypted thoughput is quite fast as well. Here's my test results.

    IMO it's an excellent value for your dollar and with the latest firmware fixes I'm completely satisfied. One of my official complaints was addressed in the last firmware "Port Triggering issue"

    Hope that helps.
  3. priller

    priller Network Guru Member

    What does it use to detect a link down condition for the failover? Does it ping the gateway? User configurable address? Or just physical interface down?
  4. Klaus

    Klaus Network Guru Member

    Hi and thanks for the replies. The Linksys is still sounding good, but I've also got my eye on the Xincom 402, which is very good value for money atm.

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