RV082 + load balancing + ichat video !

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by BigHusky, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. BigHusky

    BigHusky LI Guru Member

    Trying to get this to work now through 3 firmware revisions (inlcuding latest beta) I finally decided to see if we are the only ones with this issue and if there is actually a way to get it working properly.

    When running the RV082 without load balancing ichat with video works about 90 percent of the time.
    But as soon as we turn on LB ichat at first refuses even to connect to the AIM service.
    So we added Protocol Bindings for all the ichat ports on the Load Balancing page (to use the same WAN port).
    Now ichat will successfully connect to the AIM service again, but any attempt on using the video part of iChat fails with a "There was a communication error during your chat" (I'm trying to attach the log iChat provided).

    Looking at the RV082 logs it is not showing any policy denied or other error.

    Then we even tried to allow all traffic on all those ports in the Firewall section, then added them to Port triggering, ...

    Nothing changes this behavior, except turning off Load Balancing. Then iChat works with video without any of those other items most of the time (like I mentioned earlier about 90%).

    The ports we are using are the ones recommended by Apple and other sites:

    5060, 5190, 5297, 5298, 5678, 16384 through 16403

    We set them up twice in the Protocol Bindings, once for TCP and once for UDP, though I have now found proper documentation that shows which ones should be UDP, with ones should be TCP and which ones both (to bad, the RVV082 doesn't have a choice for BOTH on the protocol selection)

    From what we gathered, the important ports for the video conference are 5060 and 16384-16403

    So, that's where we currently are. As this is an important item to the CEO we end up turning off an otherwise working Load Balancing.
    We would surely appreciate any information or experience of other RV082 users and are hoping that there is a solution to get this working someday soon. If you need more information let us know.

    Thank you in advance for any help


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  2. baptpdc

    baptpdc Guest

    iChat + RV082 w/ Load Balancing

    I've got it working with load balancing. At least everything other than iChat is load balanced. RV082 v1.3.2

    You'll need to set up the following ports:

    5190 UDP/TCP
    5220 TCP
    5678 UDP
    5060 UDP
    16384-16403 UDP

    (I also have a lot of other things in my firewall. Hopefully i haven't left one out here that iChat requires.)

    Open the above firewall ports.

    Then set protocol binding to only allow the above ports through a single WAN port.

    Then set port forwarding on all of the above ports to your target machine.
    (unless you have a 1:1 NAT IP set for the target.)

    After ENDLESS messing around with this, i never ever got a load balanced iChat session to work. Even after protocol binding only port 5190 to a single WAN port to get the login part working. So i finally gave up and just manually fired all the iChat traffic through a single WAN port. It works great.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    tbh i dont think some protocols could handle load balancing, they require a single route out via one WAN or the other whilst a session is active. for TCP/IP to work correctly. AFAIK this is why linksys added the protocol bindings.
  4. BigHusky

    BigHusky LI Guru Member

    Yup, I can understand why the protocol binding is a must, but entering all the necessary ports and bind them to either interface just is not working properly.

    We use iChat with Video on multiple computers and the RV082 works fine (without port forwarding/triggering) when it is in Fail-Over mode.

    As soon as load balancing is turned on and the protocol bindings are added (without them not even AIM on a PC will work) none of the participants can use iChat Video anylonger.

    Just found out too that when load balancing is turned on the VPN connections to the RV082 also don't work properly anymore. The connection happens and I can ping hosts on the inside but can't use any network services such as ssh or http to any of these hosts. As soon as load balancing is turned off it works like a charm. Same goes for web presentation software.

    I've got reports from users as well that they were having some weird inconsistent behaviour of their mail and ftp programs which all disappear when LB is turned off.
    This is something that was much worse a few firmware revisions ago and with each release it is getting better, but we are going to replace the RV082 with some other device and it won't be a linksys device any longer.

    Kinda defeats the purpase of load balancing if you end up entering pretty much every application/port into the protocol binding list.

    Thanks for the replies

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