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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by morpheme, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. morpheme

    morpheme Network Guru Member


    I've got my RV082 set up to load balance my two connections. One has an 8mbit downstream (Wan1) and the other is 4mbit (Wan2)

    I've set the relevant available bandwidths in the configuration, but whatever I set them to, the router seems to always favour WAN2 over WAN1, to the point where WAN2 is carrying 5 or more times the data of WAN1

    As WAN1 has double the available bandwidth, this obviously isn't ideal. Has anybody else experienced this, and can they offer any solution?


  2. priller

    priller Network Guru Member

    The RV's use a weighted round-robin algorithm to balance traffic on a per connection basis. Not on actual traffic volume.

    So, if you have a 4M and a 8M WAN, the 8M will get 2 connections for every 1 on the 4M. The connection may be a small HTTP GET or a large FTP. Therefore, the actual data volume transfered on the lower speed WAN could become larger than the 8M.

    .... at least that's what I've been able to put together from varions sources, since Linksys does not document it.

    Some of the other dual-wan routers will balance on actual bytes transfered, Hotbrick for example.
  3. morpheme

    morpheme Network Guru Member


    That makes perfect sense, but I'm not sure it applies in my circumstances. I've tried resetting the router to zero the stats, and then watched the traffic stats increase by frequently refreshing the stats page. I also made sure nobody was doing any large downloads of any form, so at least 95% of the traffic was simple and small file based http traffic - web pages and small images. This kind of traffic I would have thought would have been distributed correctly among the two interfaces. The stats climb slowly and steadily, with WAN2 moving consistantly ahead of WAN1 with much higher traffic, even though WAN1 has double the available bandwidth, so I would have assumed would service twice as many requests.

    One thing I have noticed is that for my two WAN ports, even though they are both on static IP's the routing table isn't identical in pattern for each - they have different hop counts for what is effectively an identical setup on each.
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