RV082 & NetScreen VPN & Static Routing.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Fulien, Jun 16, 2006.

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    After reading through all the posts here i realize that the RV0XX have different instances of issues with various VPN pass throughs. However i have another issue with it. Please let me know; anyone knows whats going on.

    When i just got my RV082 i had to use a VPN through this software called "Juniper Networks Netscreen". However i had only one client and i had to find a way to have the entire network users have access t it.

    So what i did is to connect a WIN XP PRO Machine to the router and install the client n initiate the VPN connection. Upon connection it bring s up a virtual Network adapter to represent the VPN Line. So what i did was to enable Internet Sharing on that adapter as if i was sharing a net connection through it. Then what i did was to go into Setup >> Advacned Routing in the RV082 and enter a Static route. The VPN Connection uses a ip scheme while i use a ip scheme on the local lan. So what entered the following

    Destination ip :
    SUBNET :
    Default gatway: (IP of the VPN Machine on LAN)
    Hope Count: 15

    and it worked. As long as that computer is on and is on the network any user can just use the ips and connect to network sources on the VPN Line.

    However i upgraded the Firmware of the Router from 1.1.5 to 1.3.2 and since then none of my setup works. I cant even establish the VPN connection on the sharing machine properly. even though i get connected i cant connect to any of the resources even through from the sharing machine it self. Also the Static routing is not directing my Traffic to the machine either. instead its sending the traffic out through my net connection. I found out this by doing a tracert on the of the servers on the other side of the VPN) before and after upgrading. I dont even think routers supposed to forward Private IP connections to the WAN ports.

    The only way that Machine can establish and use the VPN properly is if i plug out the machine from the Router and plug it directly to my ADSL Modem which has 4 ethernet ports. I am in complete :eek: with this issue. Is this a know problem or is there a 3rd Party firware available for this RV082.

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