RV082 Packet loss

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by aver5, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. aver5

    aver5 LI Guru Member

    Hi guys ,
    I've to much packet loss when I use my RV082
    my link is a full Internet
    all seem well configured
    provider switch port is 10M Full Duplex
    RV082 wan 1 also
    I never see any errors on theses interfaces
    but really when I analyze traffic with wireshark (ethereral) I can see lot of packet loss
    I use a terminal connection to go outside via ssh and I've too many times freezes
    NOTE : when I connect to same sites via a direct connection ( without RV082 ) it work fine : only some packet loss without any big freezes
    Any idea
    NOTE : my firmware is 1.3.5
  2. acehigh

    acehigh LI Guru Member

    yes i also appear to be having the same problem. any ideas now to what has caused this? the trouble all began when i switched providers, the simple solution is to return to my previous provider. since i used the modem from my new provider while still on the old signal i did not have any problems, but with the new signal i am experiencing packet loss on the new modem. i really want to save the $15/mo in service fees so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. btw. the old service was sympatico, and the new service is rogers.

  3. aver5

    aver5 LI Guru Member

    Problem always not solved any news ????
  4. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Is there any chance that you have an MTU mismatch? Maybe the MTU on your RV082 isn't what should be used for your ISP's broadband?
  5. aver5

    aver5 LI Guru Member

    MTU is fixed to 1500 I've a Cisco box on wan interface

    This cisco Box is provider by my ISP so I don't have any access on it
  6. swe_deathvalley

    swe_deathvalley LI Guru Member

    Did you try setting WAN1 to 10 full duplex? I've seen packetloss with cisco products when autosens is enabled, or when using switches connected to cisco vpn boxes that do not let user set the connection speed.
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