RV082 - PIX Firewall / LAN2LAN - Disconnection every 20 Minutes

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Joel Timm, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Joel Timm

    Joel Timm Serious Server Member

    Hi everybody,
    I've searched a solution for a Long Moment without any success.
    We have a VPN connection between a PIX Firewall 515e and a router RV082 V2 with the last Firmware available (between an Internet ADSL16 Mb)
    At the beginning, we use to have just one disconnection per day, but now it's quite annoying because every 20 Minutes the connection is dropped. (on the RV082)
    There's no Infos on the logs, just the rebuild of the Lan2Lan (IKE - DES - MD5).
    Is there something about the RV082 Router?
    I don't want buy a new one if it's not... (for a client)
    I've already read on the web, I'm not alone, but there's no solution and generally in the different Messages, they have all the time the older Version of the Firmware. it's not my case, I can't upgrade anymore...
    Please some help could be really welcome.
    All the best,
    Joel T.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  3. Joel Timm

    Joel Timm Serious Server Member

    Phase 1 and 2 are setting for 28800 sec in the both sides.
    MTU of the RV082 was set to 1452 but now i put 1492, we will see.
  4. Joel Timm

    Joel Timm Serious Server Member

    More informations (on the other side - PIX Firewall 515e):
    When i remove the Exempt rules src: inside-network/24 ----> dest: allocated ip vpn-client/27 (outbound) - Inside NAT Rules, i've got the Connection without interruption. But I can't connect with my cisco VPN Client anymore.
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