RV082 Possibly Overheating...

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by duncan16, Sep 18, 2006.

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    I just got back from a client location after an emergency call. He's got the RV082 installed in his main office, which (the office) is kept at a "normal" temperature... meaning there's no environmental controls keeping the temperature constant.

    I've got IPSec tunnels set up for him, so that his three locations can connect with each other and communicate for a few software programs that they run for the business.

    (ok, enough with the description of the setup) I went to remote in (PPTP server enabled) and couldn't gain a connection. FTP did work from a remote location however... So, I went over to his corporate office and tried to log into the router from there... No dice.

    For some reason, all incoming traffic wasn't having a single problem, but outgoing traffic, pptp traffic, and the web-based configuration were not working. I also noticed that the box was unusually warm. I unplugged the router for a minute, plugged it back in, and everything was up and running again.

    I'm just marking this up to a glitch, and nothing more. The router has the latest release versions of the firmware already installed by Linksys, no upgrades were necessary. The install of these boxes had been about two weeks ago.

    Has anyone ever experienced this, and if so, what was done to aleviate the issue? I'm using Linksys because of their historical track record, but am beginning to think that it's time to abandon and find another product line, since their newest stuff seems to be riddled with bugs that are not getting fixed, and they are developing equipment that should be cooled actively and they are refusing to install such a cooling solution.

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