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    we've got an rv082 where the vpn tunnel and traffic across the wan port dies like clockwork every 8-9-10 minutes for approx 60-90 seconds. then comes right back up. DUAL wan doesn't help. changing mtu doesn't help. router runs into a switch where a cable from the dsl modem with 5 static ips runs into as well - switch connects into a wireless AP where we have devices using both public ips (216.180.8.x , subnet, and private ips (192.168.5.x, subnet

    we've tried both a linksys rv082 and a linksys befsx41 - both have the same problem

    i *think* if we unplug the static ip cable it works fine - but if we plug it back in it continues. why is this happening? we have other sites around the state with this same configuration and they don't have this problem.

    help!! :(

    thanks in advance
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