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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by AlecUK, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. AlecUK

    AlecUK Network Guru Member


    I understand that protocol binding allows outside requests to be designated to a specific wan interface, i.e. port 80 requests go through wan1 and port 25 go to wan 2. However I do not undersatnd why you might need to enter Source Ip and Destination IP address?

    Can some one give me an example of using the source for a specific purpose and the destination for another purpose.

    Concerning the source IP am I correct in thinking that if I setup service port 80 to source IP to 20 on wan 1 it would force all internal IP address to surf the internet using wan1 instead of wan 2? Is that what source ip is supposed to work like in conjunction with protocol binding.

    Also why would you need a destination ip if you have already chosen this destination ip in port forwarding? Would this just not be a duplication?

    This is why i require a couple of examples with the corresponding results so that I can understand. Am I that dumb :?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. AlecUK

    AlecUK Network Guru Member

    any one using this feature? Some one must put me out of my misery.... :?
  3. paradisecowgirl

    paradisecowgirl Network Guru Member

    I'm on RV042 and we use Port Forwarding to take traffic from any IP, any WAN and send it to the specific computer. With the different IP addresses, I have set up DynDNS to use different hostnames for each WAN so if we really want web traffic (for example) to go through a particular WAN, we use the corresponding hostname, e.g. http traffic through one hostname and ftp traffic through the other.

    From what little documentation there is on protocol binding (click on "More" on the System Management page), it appears it's for outgoing traffic only:

    "Protocol Binding - RV042 supports the Protocol Binding functionality. It allows users to specify the internal IP or/and Service going through the specified WAN port. "

    I have set up several protocol binding rules but I'm not sure as to how well it really works. For example, I have one computer set to have all its outbound traffic to go through WAN2 but when I do traceroutes, it's clear that its traffic is going through WAN1. On the otherhand, I know that at least two of the rules are working correctly so perhaps it's something to do with traceroute in particular. If so, that's annoying because how I can verify some of these rules?
  4. AlecUK

    AlecUK Network Guru Member

    Hi paradisecowgirl,

    Thanks for your information, much appreciated, has anyone else any experiece with this feature?


  5. wiz420

    wiz420 LI Guru Member

    I guess this thread has been silent for a while, but I have the same problem. I have an appointment for a higher-level linksys tech to call me tomorrow to try to explain it- I hope I get somewhere. The documentation posted on the linksys website appears to be hopelessly outdated.
  6. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I know there have been some posts on the binding not working very well. Please post if you get a viable answer so we have an idea moving forward.
  7. whiny

    whiny Network Guru Member

    Of course its for outgoing only. How could you bind a particular service to only come in on a specified connection?

    For example, if you have 2 WAN connections and someone on the internet decides to establish a connection on either one of them, you have no choice. thats how the internet works.

    But for computers INSIDE your network, they only think you have one internet connection. For example, if a computer behind the RV clicks on an FTP site, the router may use WAN1 or WAN2 (depending on your load balancing setting) to make that connection.

    Protocol binding simply asks the router to only use one of the WAN ports to establish a particular kind of connection.

    You dont need to use IP addresses if you want to have it as an overall rule, as in my example above, if you want all outgoing FTP connections on WAN1 then make the protocol port 21 and the destination IP

    Hope this helps....
  8. wiz420

    wiz420 LI Guru Member


    That's how I assumed it would work, but even when I configure all port 80 traffic to go over WAN2 I can tell that some of it goes over WAN1. I thought there was a possibility that I was doing it wrong (maybe I still am).

    Unfortunately the protocol binding feature appears to be absent in all of the support documentation I can locate on linksys.com, and my attempts to get any help from tech support have been fruitless. It seems that a higher-level tech is never available when I call, no matter how long I hold, and they failed to call me back at the scheduled time. Maybe I'll send them an email with a link to this thread.
  9. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    There is a brief explanation of protocol binding in the RV082 manual. Also is there not an explanantion of it in the help area on the right side of the Load Balancing page? On the RV082, that info is basically what is covered in the user manual.
  10. whiny

    whiny Network Guru Member

    i know this is a confusing topic. the documentation is virtually non existant and dont even get me started on linksys support.

    you know i think its funny that they design a fairly complex, technical product, but when you call them they really dont know anything about it. Not that I expect every tech support person to be an A-level networking expert, but it would be nice to think they even had one person who would understand what you're talking about.

    One thing you should realize is that these particular products ARE higher-end networking devices. One could make their living installing, diagnosing, and supporting networks of this complexity, and do very well. A few years ago, boxes like these were not available in the same market segment.

    Anyways, I guess what im trying to say is that the best help for these kinds of product will come from people who know them well and are willing to help. LI is a great great resource, but sometimes you need to post a few times to get someones attention.

    I will try and help you if I can, but please be patient. I only come back to check every once in a while.

    What would you ultimately like to accomplish with your setup? I can post the exact step by step method to get the service control working, if you let me know.
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