RV082, QuickVPN and Windows Shares

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Mr_Flibble, Oct 4, 2006.

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    After a bit of a struggle getting QuickVPN to work on my Linksys RV082, I got it up and running (Note, you want a different subnet at the remote location! I was unaware of that, and it is not in the Linksys documentation!)

    The RV082 is at the office, and I have a WRT54G running DD-WRT at home. I use windows XP and QuickVPN to connect to the office.

    I can now connect with QuickVPN to the Office, and while on, I can use SSH, ping all hosts behind the RV082, and generally use any service except mounting windows drives.

    When I try to mount windows drives in the following manner

    net use y: \\\sharename

    I get the all too familiar: System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found.

    Note, net view fails for the VPN network as well. Within the office network windows sharing works Normally. At home, I can use windows shares behind my WRT54G just fine. I specify the user/password combo for the share, which I have to of course (I have just not shown such above) for the net use, or use the "logon as different user" from the GUI I cannot connect to the shares behind the RV082/VPN.

    What am I missing? We are not using domains at the office, just basic windows shares... I have googled and googled this problem, and found that others have it as well, but I have seen no resolution as of yet.
  2. Mr_Flibble

    Mr_Flibble Network Guru Member

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  4. Mr_Flibble

    Mr_Flibble Network Guru Member

    Now *THAT* is a wicked post. I was unaware of the NetBIOS broadcast setting for the RV082.

    I have been banging my head against this for far too long. I could not figure out why using \\ip\sharename[\b] was not working. I will give this a shot when I get home tonight. Thanks for the help!
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