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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Kremlar, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Kremlar

    Kremlar LI Guru Member

    Hi -

    We have 3 locations all serviced by high-speed cable internet connections. We are looking to connect the sites together with a VPN to allow access to folder shares and the Exchange server at our main location.

    We don't have an unlimited budget, but we are looking for something reliable. We have had good luck with the RV082 and RV042 routers in the past, but have not used their hardware VPN capabilities.

    Would locating a RV082 at each of the 3 locations and connecting them together be a feasible solution? How is the reliability?

    Could we then add RV042s to smaller sites and/or home locations? Is it possible to add a small site with a dynamic IP address, or is static required?

    I am quite new to hardware VPN solutions, so any advice would be appreciated.

  2. johnradams

    johnradams Guest

    my RV042 <-> RV082 VPN is quite slow

    I am currently using an RV042 at home and an RV082 at my office. Everything works, except that the VPN is surprisingly slow. I have a cable modem at both home and office; my speed (at both locations) is typically 25,000 kbs downstream and 4,000 kbs upstream. Yes, that's 25 megabits and 4 megabits, as measured using speakeasy.net

    I am only using the VPN to connect my Windows XP box (when I am at home) to a W2K server at my office. One thing I do pretty frequently is to use "csdiff" to compare files between two folders. When I am at my office, the csdiff might take 2 or 3 seconds. When over the VPN, the same operation might take 60 seconds.

    The very slow VPN speed makes it difficult to get much benefit from the VPN.

    I have reviewed the comments and settings explained here:
    In particular, my MTU is 1500 and I am using AES-128 (apparently faster than DES).

    There is very little traffic (other than me) at either home or office, so it seems that the VPN speed should be something on the order of 3,000 kbs (specifically, 3/4 of my upstream speed, as noted in the post referenced above).

    As far as the setup and operation itself, I am quite pleased with the RV042 and RV082. The VPN setup is clean, and I really like the idea of using the same configuration (and shared key) at each location, and avoiding all of the hassle of client software. In fact, this is/was my first VPN, and it worked immediately. If the VPN were reasonably fast, I would have already bought several more RV042 units for other remote locations.

    My only beef with the RV042 and RV082 is that you can't assign a "nickname" to firewall entries, which would allow you to more easily keep track of which access rules go with which users and locations.

    Anybody have any other ideas or suggestions for why my VPN is *so* slow?
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