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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by floorst, Sep 8, 2006.

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    I have a Linksys RV082 vpn router to which our SBS 2003 Server STD 2 NIC is connected.
    What works Quik client vpn connection to vpn router. What I am still working on is access to SBS server shares.
    I was told that server shares can only be accessed from the same subnet as the internal ip of sbs server. Since there are 2 NICs on the system the external NIC acts like a firewall blocking access to server shares. Is this a fact folks?
    For some reason I am repeteadly asked for password when I try to map a share drive from the client.

    PPTP connection to sbs server works. Its a 2 step process 1- make a pptp connection to vpn router followed by pptp connection to sbs server. This way I can access shares on the server. I believe max of 5 pptp conections can be made to the vpn router.

    I wish that there be a way to 1- make a ipsec vpn conection to vpn router 2-make a pptp and l2tp connection from client to sbs 2003.

    Please suggest some solution to access server shares on SBS server 2003 using Quick Client VPN software.

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