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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Baskerville, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Baskerville

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    I have recently acquired an RV082 and I am quite happy with it. A pity that Windows firewall needs to be turned off to use QuickVPN though :-(

    I do have a question regarding assignment of static IP addresses. It is possible to add static IP's with the DHCP Setup tab, but it does not seem possible to assign a host name to this DHCP lease. In the DHCP status window the client host names of the static IP leases are all listed as "static-host". This is a problem for the DNS server as it would be extremely cool to assign host names to the static leases so everything would work as expected.

    As the DHCP Setup tab is just a User Interface into the underlying linux files I think it is possible to add host names manually. Unfortunately I do not know what files to look into and how to patch these to enter host names for the static IP leases. Does anyone have enough knowledge to explain me how to do this ? I think it is possible to enable telnet through the x_test.html file and it would be great if somebody could take me from the telnet logon screen to adding the static host names.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  2. akk142

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    static DHCP

    I wish you could do the same thing. I talked w/ linksys support and suggested it. Maybe if you do the same, they'll catch on.
  3. Baskerville

    Baskerville Network Guru Member

    I contacted Linksys and they told me it is a firmware limitation they are aware of. It was passed to the appropriate department so I guess they will fix it in the next firmware. For now it seems there is little we can do unless some linux guru wants to take a look at this...

    Email excerpts:

    Question regarding static-host:

    "We already tried simulating that and the results are the same. The router is listing it as “static-hostâ€. I have forwarded your concern to the proper department. This issue has been raised before and a resolution is being processed as of writing. Please check back with our website for any updates on this issue."

    Question regarding a temporary telnet solution:

    "As of now, we don't have a fix for it or a temporary solution. For the telnet concern, the router is not supporting that. I have forwarded this concern but we have not received any notice from the department that is responsible for the development of the device's firmware. You may visit our website anytime to keep you posted. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you."
  4. Baskerville

    Baskerville Network Guru Member

    It can't be that difficult, can it ?
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