RV082 Static Routing with 2 subnets

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mexmarv, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. mexmarv

    mexmarv Network Guru Member


    Having a dumb problem that cant figure out.

    I have a RV082 connected to the internet:

    External Gateway:
    External IP:
    Internal IP:
    Mask: (Cant change this to hardcoded

    I have DHCP turned on and router as gateway.

    Have a bunch of RV042 connected to it through VPN and internal servers in 10.10.10.x domain, no problem there either

    Now we have a NEW FrameRelay modem connected inside our LAN (RV082) with address connects remote locations throuh frame relay to our LAN. This remote location has IP of 10.10.2.x

    If I am sitting on a 10.10.2.x machine I can ping 10.10.10.x servers ok and access them and vice versa since we added a STATIC routing :,, through any machine can ping any other machine inside the lan through Frame Relay...up to here we are cool.

    The problem is:

    If a 10.10.2.x machine wants to go to yahoo.com (or any Internet( address it does not work. We tried to add a bunch of static routs to no avail, and truly think it might be that because we have DHCP turned on the RV082 we can not change the subnet to can we add a route to make it work. Here is the routing table...again...everything works fine except machines on 10.10.2.x subnet going out to the internet...any ideas?

    Please help... 10 ipsec0 10 ipsec0 10 ipsec0 10 ipsec0 1 br0 <-- 10 ipsec0 10 ipsec0 10 ipsec0 * 40 ixp1 * 41 ipsec0 * 50 br0 10 ipsec0
    default 40 ixp1

    Thanks...is it because you cant have DHCP and multiple subnets attached? if i change it to a router it does not work either.

    Please help..no documentation that i can find on this. :sadbye:
  2. pogiako

    pogiako Network Guru Member

    try sending an email request to linksys, they have solved my problem, ( almost the same ) and i got it working
  3. mexmarv

    mexmarv Network Guru Member

    Linksys answered but no help really


    Could you please post YOUR solution, at least I could learn form it since Linksys doesnt seem to have a clue :) Again, we have machines in the 10.10.10.x domain and 10.10.2.x domain , the ones in the 10.10.2.x domain cant access the Internet..so a helpful routing table would help.

  4. mexmarv

    mexmarv Network Guru Member


    For better understanding.

    Cant route 2 subnets on RV082? 10.10.2.x and 10.10.10.x?

    Please help?
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