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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Exel, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Exel

    Exel Guest

    I have an RV082 that I just brought, used.

    The unit arrived in the following state: when powered on the green SYSTEM light and the red DIAG illumine and stay on, steady. No other lights come on. No flashing or diagnostic type lightwork.

    No matter how many devices I plug into any port, I get no status LED's that there is any connectivity.

    Setting a static IP to the 192.168.1.x subnet and trying to ping the router at x.x.1.1 fails. There is no DHCP service working, that I can tell.

    Pushing the reset button for 30 seconds does nothing.
    Power off the router and holding the reset button down while powering it back on (held for 30 seconds) does nothing.

    It would appear this unit is the victim of, perhaps, a very bad firmware flash? Nonetheless.. My question is this. Is there any way to recover the router from it's present state? I have seen many posts on WRTGS pin shorts that put the routers in failsafe mode to allow for a reflash but have seen nothing to this effect for the RVxx series routers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Tommmii

    Tommmii Addicted to LI Member

    I have the same issue with a used RV082, is any one willing to guide me through attempting to revive this router?

  3. dkent2000

    dkent2000 Networkin' Nut Member

    I have the same issue with my RV082. I also have an RV042 with the same issue now. I've got the RV082 on with no ethernet cables attached and still having the same problem.
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