RV082 VPN routing question

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by itjackie, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. itjackie

    itjackie LI Guru Member

    Our setup as below

    Site 1 : RV082 connect 2 ISP load balance
    Site 2 : RV042 connect 1 ISP

    Now I have build up VPN connect to site 1 and site 2. In site 1 user complain not stable access FTP server. Now I want setup static route in RV082 for route all access this FTP IP re-route VPN to site 2 .

    Please advice how can setup in RV082 route.

  2. fnarf

    fnarf LI Guru Member

    stablizing FTP with load balancing

    Most likely you are seeing this problem because at the site with two ISP's and load balancing some of the ftp traffic goes out to one FTP, and some goes out to the other which can cause problems.

    The way I fixed this kind of problem is by clicking on "System Management" at the top of the router web config page.

    Then scroll down and under Protocol Binding, click the dropdown list under Services and choose FTP.

    Then choose WAN1 or WAN2, check the Enable box and click Save Settings.

    This will route all of the FTP traffic over one WAN or the other instead of splitting it up. That should stablize your FTP connections.
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