RVL200 and QOS VoIP Guidance

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by leebob, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. leebob

    leebob LI Guru Member

    Can anyone point me to the best tuning tips for QOS and VoIP services for Vonage and the RVL200(1.0.14)? The RVL manual indicates using Bandwidth management for the in/out RTP ports(10000-20000 UDP). Vonage indicates port forwarding to their device(have not had to do this cuz it works). The RVL200 has some great QOS features(CoS, DSCP, etc.), but frankly I don't know which to use for the PAP2 v2 to get the best call quality...(I have 2 Vonage adapters incidentally). Guidance anyone?
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    This has been hashed a bunch overall, however IMHO if it works just leave it be. I to run vonage but until I have a need for QOS specifically it will stay inactive. For the best call quality set call quality on your vonage account to 90kbps. Now if you just want to implement QoS just to play with it, then by all means do so knowing that if anything goes a little whacky you just have to set it back to defaults or turn it off.
  3. leebob

    leebob LI Guru Member

    Well, it works ok most of the time, but at times when I have both adapters on phone calls, I start to get choppy audio--hence the ask for QOS. It seems these business devices do not handle this as simply as the home models where port or application QOS just worked... I need something more robust with VPN which is why I got the RV042 and RVL200. Was curious if anyone had played with the settings on the RVL200 to make QOS solid.
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