RVL200 Feature Wishlist

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by xlr8, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. xlr8

    xlr8 LI Guru Member

    The RVL200 is a great little box, but here are some features I would love to see added into the next firmware release:

    Virtual Passage Users: option to change password once logged in, subject to complexity requirements

    Remote Management restrictions: specify an allowed ip range, or maybe also an option to disallow remote management over WAN

    Ability to remove 'admin' account if another user assigned as admin: it would make the box more secure by removing a known working administrative username which is active on all RVL200's.

    Windows when using IE: give the option to connect using Java in addition to ActiveX (you can already force this by browsing to portal_winjava_lock.htm once you're logged in, but I'd like a link).

    Customize Web Pages: remove information identifying the box as a Linksys RVL200 to make it more secure, allow branding with a company logo/etc, give the ability to add links or network shortcuts on the page "connected" page, etc.

    Abilit to change https port for VPN from 443 to something else (to allow another applicaiton, ie. Outlook Web Access, to work on the default SSL port)

    Custom Dynamic DNS: allow options other than just dyndns.org

    Ability to add multi-factor authentication: this is a more complicated one, but one time use passwords or something like that would be fantastic for greater security.

    Feel free to add more!
  2. _Dave

    _Dave Guest

    Some very useful suggestions :)

    I'm particularly interested in being able to either change the default 'admin' account to be called something else, or delete it if another administrative account is already defined.

    Also, if the web page can be modified to make it not advertise that it's an RVL200 then it removes the chance of a casual browser being able to determine the model and brute force the well-known administrative account.
  3. baldji

    baldji LI Guru Member

    Firewall: Service Management - ability to choose TCP&UDP in one entry (currently TCP or UDP). ICMP protocol as option.

    Change in the way the InterVLAN routing is defined - allow creation of matrix to point interrouting (e.g. vlan2 interroute with vlan 3 and vlan 4, vlan 3 interroute with vlan 2 and vlan 5, vlan 2 and vlan 5 have no interrouting set)

    Management VLAN as a security option.

    Port forwarding to multiple subnets (even though pointed as an option in 1.1.8RC1 could not set it up). The same restriction is in DMZ, One-to-One NAT etc.
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