RVL200 - Port Triggering - Error after save

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by brumey, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. brumey

    brumey LI Guru Member

    I am a new owner of the RVL200. I have mixed feeling so far about the device. Obviously I am bummed that the SSL client does not work with Vista yet and will they ever bring it out. I have 10 days left on the return to store policy which I might excercise if I can not get this issue resolved.

    When I enter a range of ports into the Port Forward fields, they disply fine. When I hit save, they get changed to what looks like random nubers, 5 or 6 characters long and obviously out of the IP port range.

    I am using the 1.04 firmware (the most recent production code I think).

    Any clues? Will using the Beta firmware help this problem?

    Is everyone convinced that Linksys will release a vista client for SSL VPN access? I know they say coming soon but vista is already here and on almost every new computer.

    Thanks and please help me restore faith in Linksys and this product.
  2. brumey

    brumey LI Guru Member

    Update - not good

    I called Linksys and got through to second level support who then transfered me to another level. By this time I was dizzy at the evevation!

    They said they would report the problem to headquarters. They confirmed that all the beta firmware currently out will not fix this issue.

    Can anyone out there with this same router RVL200 please try to enter a port trigger then hit save and check the number again after the screen refreshes?

    I am trying to confirm if it's just this router or a common problem in the code.

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