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  1. karupspc

    karupspc LI Guru Member

    Hello all

    I have a RV042 and a RVL200. Per the instruction guide (RVL200), my current setup is a LAN-to-LAN configuration, where on the RV042, the DMZ host is the RVL200 and 443 is open to RVL200.

    Question: I configured the Virtual Passage on the RVL200 as
    After establishing a tunnel, I do a IP configure and my ip is:, subnet:, gateway is nothing.

    i have my outlook express client (for pop/smpt) setup to use the virtual passage. The problem I have is that, I am able to RECEIVE e-mails through POP however, I cannot send e-mail through SMTP.

    Any ideas why I am unable to send mail through the virtual passage?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    firstly virtual passage will only allow 5 IP addresses + 1 for itself. so you should ahve a range from

    The gateway is nothing since you are not using the WAN port to obtain the info for the gateway. I suggest you look at the Appendix I of the RVL200 user guide. this shows examples of the setup. even though the RVL200 will have a different subnet on the LAN than the RV042 you can assign the virtual passage IP settings to have the same subnet addresses as the RVL200.

    it works for me

    as for sending smtp from your client via virtual passage client, have you enabled port forwarding for SMTP from your RV042 to the mail server behind your router?
  3. karupspc

    karupspc LI Guru Member

    More information: the mail server is actually hosted by our ISP. You have to authenticate to their SMTP in order to send e-mail. They don't allow SMTP authentication outside of their network (i.e. from another ISP).

    What I was hoping with the RVL200--By establishing a tunnel back to my home/office, that I should be able to send/receive e-mail. I am able to receive e-mail regardless if I am on my ISP network. The problem is sending SMTP e-mail.
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