RVL200 vs RVS4000 or neither?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by svrocket, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. svrocket

    svrocket Addicted to LI Member

    Currently I run a basic consumer-level Netgear firewall in my SOHO.
    If I want to upgrade, which is better, the Linksys RVL200 or the RVS4000?
    FWIW, I have a "high" degree of skill in unix and windows OS'es.

    To the many disgrunted ppl : do beta firmwares RVL200 v1.1.9.1 / RVS4000 v1.2.10 sooth your hurt?

    1) My main interest is, I like the slightly better firewall functions in the SMB/SOHO RVxxx class devices. I want verbose logging, and I'm ready with an external device listening for syslog traffic.

    2) I don't really need the VPN functions. Linksys's QuickVPN client only works with Windows/ActiveX, and I need Solaris, Linux, and Windows support. I can use host-based software VPN if I need it. It passes thru my old netgear just fine.

    3) I downloaded and read the users guides for both devices, they seem the same except for
    - 1 RVL200 vs-5 RVS4000 'gateway to gateway' tunnels,
    - 4 RVL200 vs 16 RVS4000 VLANs,
    - RVS200: pg 1-63 is configuring, rest is appendixes up to pg 117
    - RVS4000: pg 1-37 is configuring, rest is appendixes up to pg 68
    - fuller IPS on the RVS4000 (?)
    - signature updates on the RVS4000
    - 800 Mb/s NAT thoughput on the RVS4000 vs 100Mbit (16.99 SSL) on the RVL200 (still adequate for a 6Mbps cable modem)

    street price on these 2 items are nearly the same.
    An $800+ ZyXEL, Cisco, Sonicwall or Jupiter device is out of the budget.

    Would any of you with less than $150 to spend opt to buy the RVxxxx series or would you opt for IPCOP / netfilter / ipfilter / pptpd / iptables / snort / wireshark menagerie running on a OpenWRT-variant?

  2. AcesHigh

    AcesHigh LI Guru Member

    I would leave the RVS4000 alone, it sucks... No real firmware for that one yet.

    If there is firewall functions you're after I would go for an old computer running IPCop or even better, the Astaro Security Gateway. However if you want to use the ASG u need some more uptodate computer cuz its so stacked with functions and uses a lot more CPU/memory than the IPCop. I would go for the ASG cuz its a great firewall with ALL the functions that u usually needs to pay loads of money for... and there is absolutely no need for any knowledge of Linux.
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