RVS 4000 QOS Port Setup ??

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by david803sc, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. david803sc

    david803sc LI Guru Member

    ok I want to setup QOS by the physical port the setup page shows the 4 gigabyte ports with an assignable priority of 1 through 4, question is which is the highest priority 1 or 4? I am jsut mixed up if 1 is the highest priority or the lowest and the help screen on the router does not tell you this.

    Also on the L2 Switch page what is the Max Frame Rate everyone is using?

  2. jackrustler

    jackrustler LI Guru Member

    4 is the highest priority! As for max frame size, you can leave it at the default 1518.

    What are you using the QOS for?
  3. david803sc

    david803sc LI Guru Member

    i have my ports hooked up as 1 VOIP 2 Xbox 3 and 4 computers so I wanted to give the first two ports the highest priority and 3 and 4 the lowest.

    as far as the frame rate, i seem to get much better performance with the flow control setting on the ports turned on and to do that I had to enter in a frame rate there was no default there it was jsut blank.

  4. jackrustler

    jackrustler LI Guru Member

    David, What version firmware do you have?

    the new beta 1.1.11 has the ability to assign a min and max bandwidth if you want to guaranty a certain available amount. the current version on linksys 1.1.09, does not work correctly for bandwidth and locks up the router.
    i have tried this and it does work but only in the 1.1.11 version.
  5. david803sc

    david803sc LI Guru Member

    yes I have 1.1.11 what I really need is a way to give priority based on IP or MAc address of LAN devices, but I don't see anyway of doing that so i was doing it by port.

  6. jackrustler

    jackrustler LI Guru Member

    Well then the port based QOS may be your only option. I just don't how you can verify that it is working correctly unless you see a difference from one setting to the other.
  7. sucker79

    sucker79 Guest

    hey were can i get that beta 1.11.1 firmware version at i would like to see if it make my router run better.

  8. jackrustler

    jackrustler LI Guru Member

    yo Sucker79

    the beta is located in the download section!
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