RVS4000 and AM300 Half Bridge Problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by webbnzl, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. webbnzl

    webbnzl Guest

    I have an AM300 set to half bridge with DHCP enabled connected to an RSV4000 security router with wan setting to DHCP both on different subnets. I am finding that when the two are connected the WAN interface shows as being up, but the AM300 won't connect to the INTERNET even tho the DSL light shows as connected. And I also cannot connect to the AM300 webconfig page. I need to connect a PC to the ethernet connection of the AM300 with the IP address on the same subnet before it will connect. Then I can access the internet. I've update the firmware on both the AM300 and the RVS4000 but still have no luck. I've read all the forums that show the AM300 did have some problems with half bridging, but these have supposedly been fixed. I need this to work so I can get a VPN connection with my business which has the exact same setup and hence same problem.

  2. KevinL

    KevinL Guest

    I see your post was sometime back, but I am guessing from your name that you are also in NZ Did you ever manage to get this sorted out? I had no problem getting the connection up and all seems to work OK, but I frequently loose service. The status panel of the RVS4000 shows that the connection is still up and provides the ISP's IP address that cannot be seen from the PC. Doing a DHCP release and renew solves the problem. I have tried just about every combination of settings available (eg changing DHCP parameters, changing between router and gateway etc) but still get these service interruptions. Both devices have the latest firmware. I have two sets of devices, and ultimately, I need to setup a VPN between two sites, but I cannot put these into production if they are behaving like this.
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