RVS4000 and QuickVPN help request.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by edroberts, Nov 22, 2007.

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    I have been trying for days to get VPN to work, and have no idea what I am doing anymore... or what a successful connection should be (though I am pretty sure I don't have one).

    To test out every scenario I could think of, I have the RVS4000 WAN on an internal network at, and its LAN at

    I have an XP SP2 machine at from which I have been running QuickVPN and QuickVPNPlus - though a netgear router/switch and also through an old hub when I wondered if the netgear was the problem.
    I have another XP machine at connected to an RVS4000 LAN port that I have been using to watch the logs on the RVS4000, reset it, configure it, load every firmware version available.

    QuickVPN 1.1.0 claims to have connected, followed shortly by complaining it cannot contact the server. (I tried 1.2.6 at one point, on a different machine, without luck)
    QuickVPNPlus 1.0.6 claims to connect (no errors), except when it tries to ping - which first reports "Negotiating IP Security" followed by "Request timed out."

    Neither of these result in me getting an IP address on the remote network, which logic tells me it should but I don't know enough about IPSec to be sure. I cannot ping the router, or the machine on the inside, after the VPN is apparently connected.

    After installing a new firmware, I reset the router, set the LAN and WAN, then add a single VPN user and generate a certificate (is there anything else I need to do?).
    I have installed the Support Tools ipseccmd for XP SP2.
    I have disabled the Norton firewall on the client machine.
    I have verified that the IPSec service is running.

    So, aside from the typical "what am I doing wrong and why doesn't it work?", what should a truly successful client connection look like (in terms of an IP address)?

    Thanks for any help you can provide in restoring my sanity...

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