RVS4000: Any luck with the official v1.1.14?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Eldorage, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Eldorage

    Eldorage LI Guru Member

    I loaded the official v1.1.14 firmware last night.
    It locks up about a minute after connecting my cable modem to the WAN port.
    With factory defaults.
    Ha ha ha, very funny Linksys.

    Back to v1.1.09 for me.
  2. sgroom

    sgroom LI Guru Member

    I've pulled my RVS4000 out of production, reset to factory and installed the official 1.1.14... I can't seem to find any differences. Still very log chatty, complains about many VPN issues (with all vpn pass thrus turned off)

    Jan 13 08:42:24 - [VPN Log]: ERROR: "key-removed": pfkey write() of SADB_X_DELFLOW message 6 for flow int.0@ failed. Errno 14: Bad address

    Jan 13 08:42:25 - IPSEC EVENT: KLIPS device ipsec0 shut down.

    Jan 13 09:02:01 - ipt_tcpmss_target: bad length (129 bytes)

    I get random lockups without any info from the logs. It squaks about features/services that aren't in use and then doesn't report problems when it locks up. It seems to just go quiet. If I had the method thru which to do it, like on my BSD boxes, I'd just kill -HUP the offending process and everyone would be happy because I'd debug the logs. But I digress.

    I guess this remains a doorstop for the time being.

    For what it's worth, I've reinstalled my befsr41 (v4) and haven't realized any significant performance drop. This might support what I've been suspecting... with the right firmware, the rvs could really knock some other products out of the park.
  3. samuel613

    samuel613 LI Guru Member

    Yes!! RVS-4000 1.1.14

    I previously sent back two routers with .9 on them because of too many bugs and lock-ups and random connectivity losses.

    I ordered one recently and it came with .12. After flashing both routers with .14, I now have functional LANs AND a working VPN. Finally!!

    I haven't been able to connect from Vista yet, not with QuickVPN nor QuickVPN+ (I get "Negotiating IP Security" at the ping, at the end), but I am confident it will work out.

    I am surprised Linksys, at first, dropped the ball on this one, releasing it with such lousy firmware, but for a $125 router, it certainly does the trick with .14 firmware installed.
  4. sgroom

    sgroom LI Guru Member

    What settings/client are you using with regard to VPN... Did you flash straight to .14? Factory Reset First? Twice? I'l like to reproduce your results exactly..

  5. MavDude

    MavDude LI Guru Member

    ****ing unbelievable, it is still limiting my speed at 8mbit for no good reason. Yes I have firewall and the IPS crap turned off. With .9 at least it jumped to full speed after a day or so, if I'm lucky.
    Also, I've noticed when you're using bittorrent, it doesn't close the open connections. Doesn't matter if you have 1 torrent with almost no peers running, or 5+ with a lot of peers. It just takes a little longer. When you go to status, and click the IP conntrack button it shows you there are 200+ pages of connections. Which is effectively blocking normal internet browsing. The browser will just report "can't connect, or can't find this website", simply because it can't open a connection. Ridiculous!

    I've had this router for almost a year now, and it's still not out of alpha status. I'm considering calling linksys and demand my money back. Anyone know a gigabit router that -does- work? :/
  6. bctrainers

    bctrainers LI Guru Member

    I'm looking for a new one also now... was good up until this .14 firmware. Now if i torrent, it will lockup, if i stress test my lan, it locks up, lan to lan FTP locks router, wan to lan ftp works and same with lan to wan. Disabling firewall locks router, disabling IPS locks router. I use to love linksys, but this is honestly the final straw. When someone finds a router like the rvs4000 with lesser or more features, do let us know here. I haven't found one yet. At all wits end, i might just make my own firewall with IPCop. :thumbdown:
  7. samuel613

    samuel613 LI Guru Member

    Sorry for not checking this thread - I forgot about it.

    I did a hard-reset before and after flashing the router and re-did the settings from scratch rather than re-using pre-saved settings from .0.9. One router came with .1.2 and the other had come with .0.9; both went straight to .1.4.

    I used the default Linksys authentication settings on both RVS-4000s - pm me if you need more detail, though I've since discovered that I actually don't have a FULLY functioning VPN. I can print from office a to office b, but not the other way. Also, the default gateway under VPN summary status (from the VPN settings page, not the global VPN summary) each show Gateway and this is while the VPN is UP and running - but it's obviously not running perfectly, as above.

    It's weird, too, that one of the PCs on my network in office B showed WRVS4400N as their host name - this, despite it being connected via Cat6 to the RVS4000, which doesn't have the wireless capabilities of the WRVS4400N.
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